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  1. '孟郊 遊子吟 (Yóuzǐ Yín) translation: Song of the Wanderer, by Meng Jiao'
  2. '常建 題破山寺後禪院 translation: Writing of the Meditation Hall of Po Mountain Temple, by Chang Jian'
  3. '李清照 醉花陰 translation: (Lyrics for the Tune of) Drunk in Blossom Shade, by Li Qingzhao'
  4. '李煜 謝新恩 · 櫻花落盡階前月 translation: Cherry Blossom Completely Falls Before the Steps Under the Moon, by Li Yu (Gratitude for New Favour)'
  5. '李白 夢遊天姥吟留別 translation: A Departing Song of Travelling to Tianmu in a Dream, by Li Bai'
  6. '李白 宮中行樂詞 一 translation: Lyrics for Wandering in the Palace I, by Li Bai (小小生金屋)'
  7. '李白 當塗趙炎少府粉圖山水歌 translation: Ode to a Scenic Painting by the Official Zhao Yan of Dangtu County, by Li Bai'
  8. '杜甫 聞官軍收河南河北 translation: Hearing the Military Has Taken Henan and Hebei, by Du Fu'
  9. '柳宗元 秋曉行南谷經荒村 translation: On an Autumn Morning, Travelling on a Southern Valley Path to a Deserted Village, by Liu Zongyuan'
  10. '楊萬里 水中山花影 translation: Reflection of Mountain Flowers in Water, by Yang Wanli'
  11. '楊萬里 積雨小霽 translation: A Break in the Clouds After Extended Rain, by Yang Wanli'
  12. '楊萬里 舟過揚子橋遠望 translation: Looking Afar from a Boat Passing a Bridge on the Yangzi, by Yang Wanli'
  13. '王維 送元二使安西 translation: Seeing Off Yuan Er on His Mission to Anxi, by Wang Wei'
  14. '王維 酬虞部蘇員外過藍田別業不見留之作 translation: Composed in Reply to Secretary Su of the Board of Concern, Who Passed By Lantian Residence But Did Not Stay, by Wang Wei'
  15. '蘇軾 六月二十七日望湖樓醉書(其一) translation: Drunken Writings from 27th of the 6th at Wanghu Tower I, by Su Shi'
  16. '蘇軾 六月二十七日望湖樓醉書(其二) translation: Drunken Writings from 27th of the 6th at Wanghu Tower II, by Su Shi'
  17. '蘇軾 冬至日獨遊吉祥寺 translation: On the Winter Solstice, Travelling Alone to the Temple of Fortune, by Su Shi'
  18. '蘇軾 張子野年八十五尚聞買妾述古令作詩 translation: Still One Hears that Zhang Ziye at Eighty-Five Years Old Has Bought a Concubine; A Poem Requested by Shugu (Su Shi)'
  19. '蘇軾 月夜與客飲酒杏花下 translation: On a Moonlit Night Drinking Wine with a Guest Below the Apricot Blossoms, by Su Shi'
  20. '蘇軾 李思訓畫長江絕島圖 translation: Li Sixun Paints Cragged Islands on the Yangtze, by Su Shi'
  21. '蘇軾 臘日遊孤山訪惠勤惠思二僧 translation: On the Winter Festival I Visited Lone Mountain and the Two Monks Hui Jin and Hui Si, by Su Shi'
  22. '蘇軾 雨中游天竺靈感觀音院 translation: Traveling in the Rain to Linggan Guanyin Temple on Tianzhu Mountain, by Su Shi'
  23. '陆游 六月十四日宿東林寺 translation: Staying at Donglin Monastery on June 14th, by Lu You'
  24. '陸游 歲晚喜東歸 translation: Joyful to Return Home at the End of the Year, by Lu You'
  25. '陸游 醉後草書歌詩戲作 translation: After Getting Drunk, Playfully Writing a Poem in Grass Script (Lu You)'
  26. 001 張九齡 感遇四首之一 translation: Thoughts I of IV (Zhang Jiuling)
  27. 007 李白 春思 translation: Spring Thoughts, by Li Bai
  28. 010 杜甫 登岳陽樓 translation: Ascending Yueyang Tower, by Du Fu
  29. 012 李白 清平調三首其一 translation: Song of Purity and Peace, 1 of 3, by Li Bai
  30. 013 王維 輞川閒居贈裴秀才迪 translation: Message to Scholar Pei Di from my Lodge at Wangchuan, by Wang Wei
  31. 013 王維 送別 translation: Parting, by Wang Wei
  32. 016 王維 渭川田家 translation: Farm Houses by Wei River (Wang Wei)
  33. 017 王維 西施詠 translation: Ode to Xi Shi
  34. 053 李白 廬山謠寄盧侍御虛舟 translation: A Ballad of Mt. Lu for Imperial Servant Lu Xuzhou, by Li Bai
  35. 068 韓愈 謁衡嶽廟遂宿嶽寺題門樓 translation: An Inscription on the Gatehouse after Paying Respects at the Mt Heng Shrine and Lodging at the Mountain Temple, by Hán Yù
  36. 085 李白 將進酒 translation: Bring in the Wine, by Li Bai
  37. 086 杜甫 兵車行 translation - Ballad of the Army Carts, by Dufu
  38. 095 沈佺期 雜詩 translation: Miscellaneous Poem, by Shen Quanqi
  39. 102 李白 送友人 translation: Seeing Off a Friend, by Li Bai
  40. 106 杜甫 春望 translation: Spring View, by Du Fu
  41. 113 杜甫 旅夜書懷 translation: Thoughts on a Travelling Night, by Du Fu
  42. 116 王維 山居秋暝 translation: Mountain Life on an Autumn Evening, by Wang Wei
  43. 119 王維 酬張少府 translation: Answering Minister Zhang, by Wang Wei
  44. 120 王維 過香積寺 translation: Passing the Temple of Stored Fragrance, by Wang Wei
  45. 128 孟浩然 過故人莊 translation: Visiting a Friend's Farmhouse, by Meng Haoran
  46. 152 白居易 賦得古原草送別 translation: Farewells on Grassland, by Bai Juyi
  47. 163 李白 司馬將軍歌 translation: Sima General Song, by Li Bai
  48. 196 劉長卿 長沙過賈誼宅 translation: In Changsha, Passing by Jia Yi's Residence
  49. 211 李商隱 隋宮 translation: The Sui Palace, by Li Shangyin
  50. 224 王維 鹿柴 translation: The Deer Enclosure, by Wang Wei
  51. 225 王維 竹里館 translation: Bamboo Grove Pavilion, by Wang Wei
  52. 232 孟浩然 春曉 translation: Spring Dawn, by Meng Haoran
  53. 233 李白 靜夜思 translation: Quiet Night Thoughts, by Li Bai
  54. 234 李白 怨情 translation: Resentment, by Li Bai
  55. 235 杜甫 八陣圖 translation: Eight Front Strategy, by Du Fu
  56. 236 王之渙 登鸛雀樓 translation: Climbing White Stork Tower, by Wang Zhihuan
  57. 246 白居易 問劉十九 translation: Inviting Liu Shijiu, by Bai Juyi
  58. 267 王翰 涼州詞 translation: Liangzhou Verse, by Wang Han
  59. 271 杜甫 江南逢李龜年 translation: Encountering Li Guinian in Jiangnan, by Du Fu
  60. 273 張繼 楓橋夜泊 translation: Maple Bridge Night Mooring, by Zhang Ji
  61. 300 Song Poems (宋词三百首)
  62. 303 李商隱 嫦娥 translation: Chang'e, by Li Shangyin
  63. Cambridge Chinese Fourth Year Song and Tang Poetry List
  64. How I do translations here (and why)
  65. Nineteen Old Poems translations (古詩十九首)
  66. Tips for reading and translating Chinese Tang poetry
  67. Yuan Z 他们 translation: They
  68. Yuan Z 皮囊 translation: Skin bags
  69. Yuan Z 等待 translation: Waiting
  70. 冉冉孤生竹 translation - Frail Bamboo Growing Alone
  71. 凜凜歲云暮 translation - Bitterly Cold, the Year Ends
  72. 去者日以疏 translation - The Departed Are More Distant Daily
  73. 女曰雞鳴 translation: The Wife Says the Rooster Crows (Classic of Poetry 詩經)
  74. 孟冬寒氣至 translation - In the First Month of Winter, Cold Air Arrives
  75. 客從遠方來 translation - A Guest Comes from Afar
  76. 屈原 離騷 translation: An extract from 'The Sorrow of Parting'', by Qu Yuan'
  77. 常建 古興 translation: Ancient Inspiration, by Chang Jian (漢上逢老翁)
  78. 庭中有奇樹 translation - In the Courtyard there is a Strange Tree
  79. 徐志摩 再別康橋 translation: 'Saying Goodbye to Cambridge Again'', by Xu Zhimo'
  80. 明月何皎皎 translation: Why is the Bright Moon So Clear?
  81. 明月皎夜光 translation - The Clear Moon Shines Brightly by Night
  82. 李商隱 夜雨寄北 translation: Sent North in Night Rain, by Li Shangyin
  83. 李商隱 無題 · 來是空言去絕踪 translation: Untitled (Promises to Come Were Empty Words; Gone Without Trace), by Li Shangyin
  84. 李白 下涇縣陵陽溪至澀灘 translation: Down Jing County's Lingyang River to Rough Shore, by Li Bai'
  85. 李白 勞勞亭 translation: Pavilion of Misery, by Li Bai
  86. 李白 山中問答 translation: Questions and Answers in the Mountains, by Li Bai
  87. 李白 早發白帝城 translation: Setting Off Early from Baidi City, by Li Bai (下江陵)
  88. 李白 渡荆門送别 translation: Crossing at Jingmen and Saying Goodbye, by Li Bai
  89. 李白 烏夜啼 translation: Crows Caw at Night, by Li Bai
  90. 李白 荊門浮舟望蜀江 translation: Floating on a Boat at Jingmen, Gazing at the Yangzi (Li Bai)
  91. 李白 蜀道難 translation: The Difficulty of the Shu Road, by Li Bai
  92. 李白 西嶽雲台歌送丹丘子 translation: A Song of Parting for Dan Qiuzi on Mt Hua's Cloudy Peak, by Li Bai'
  93. 李白 贈從弟冽 translation: Offered as a Present to My Nephew Lie, by Li Bai
  94. 李白 贈汪倫 translation: Zeng Wanglun, by Li Bai
  95. 李白 送友人入蜀 translation: Seeing a Friend Off to Shu, by Li Bai
  96. 李白 遠別離 translation: Distant Parting, by Li Bai
  97. 李白 長干行 translation: Ballad of Changgan, by Li Bai
  98. 李白 鳴皋歌送岑徵君 translation: A Song of Mt Ming'gao to See Off Cen Zheng, by Li Bai
  99. 杜牧 贈別 其二 translation: Parting II, by Du Mu
  100. 杜甫 卜居 translation: Divining for a Residence, by Du Fu
  101. 杜甫 古柏行 translation: Ballad of the Old Cypress, by Du Fu
  102. 杜甫 宿府 translation: Staying at the Yamen, by Du Fu
  103. 杜甫 畫鷹 translation: The Painted Falcon, by Du Fu
  104. 杜甫 登樓 translation: Ascending a Pavilion, by Du Fu
  105. 東城高且長 translation - The Eastern Wall is High and Long
  106. 柳宗元 江雪 translation: River Snow, by Liu Zongyuan (Jiang Xue)
  107. 梅堯臣 不知夢 translation: I Do Not Know If I Am Dreaming, by Mei Yaochen
  108. 梅堯臣 來夢 translation: A Dream Comes, by Mei Yaochen
  109. 梅堯臣 夢覺 translation: Waking from a Dream, by Mei Yaochen
  110. 梅堯臣 汝州 translation: Ruzhou, by Mei Yaochen
  111. 楊萬里 入浮梁界 translation: Entering the Borders of Fuliang, by Yang Wanli
  112. 楊萬里 小泊新豐市 translation: A Small Mooring at Xinfeng City, by Yang Wanli
  113. 楊萬里 皂角林 translation: Honey Locust Forest, by Yang Wanli
  114. 楊萬里 觀社 translation: Observing a Village Festival, by Yang Wanli
  115. 楊萬里 過揚子江 (其二) translation: Crossing the Yangzi River II, by Yang Wanli
  116. 楊萬里 過瓜洲鎮 translation: Passing Through Guazhou Town, by Yang Wanli
  117. 歐陽脩 平生為愛西湖好 translation: All One's Life One has Loved It, by Ouyang Xiu (采桑子)'
  118. 歐陽脩 畫船載酒西湖好 translation: A Painted Boat Carrying Wine, by Ouyang Xiu (采桑子)
  119. 海子 七月的大海 translation: The July Sea, by Hai Zi
  120. 海子 面朝大海,春暖花开 translation: Facing the Sea, with Spring Blossom, by Hai Zi
  121. 涉江采芙蓉 translation - Crossing the River to Pick Hibiscus
  122. 王維 欒家瀨 translation: Luan Family Rapids, by Wang Wei (輞川集)
  123. 王維 欹湖 translation: Yi Lake, by Wang Wei (輞川集)
  124. 王維 相思 translation: Yearning, by Wang Wei
  125. 王維 苦熱行 translation: Ballad of Suffering from the Heat, by Wang Wei
  126. 王維 辛夷塢 translation: Magnolia Wall, by Wang Wei (輞川集)
  127. 王維 青溪 translation: Green Creek, by Wang Wei
  128. 王维 雜詩 translation: Unclassified Poem, by Wang Wei
  129. 生年不滿百 translation - The Years of Life Reach Not One Hundred
  130. 蘇軾 宿九仙山 translation: Lodging on Nine Immortals Mountain, by Su Shi
  131. 蘇軾 寓居定惠院之東雜花滿山有海棠一株土人不知貴也 translation: ...Dinghui Temple..., by Su Shi
  132. 蘇軾 戲子由 translation: Teasing Zi You, by Su Shi
  133. 蘇軾 水調歌頭 translation: Water Song, by Su Shi (明月幾時有)
  134. 蘇軾 贈狄崇班季子 translation: Presented as a Gift to Di Chongban's Youngest Son, by Su Shi'
  135. 蘇軾 辛丑十一月十九日,既與子由別于鄭州西門之外,馬上賦詩一篇寄之 translation
  136. 蘇軾 陌上花 一 translation: Flowers on the Paddy Field Path I, by Su Shi
  137. 蘇軾 陌上花 三 translation: Flowers on the Paddy Field Path III, by Su Shi
  138. 蘇軾 陌上花 二 translation: Flowers on the Paddy Field Path II, by Su Shi
  139. 迢迢牽牛星 translation - So Remote, the Draught Ox Star
  140. 迴車駕言邁 translation - I turn the carriage, pull the reins and set off
  141. 闻捷 苹果树下 translation: Under the Apple Tree, by Wen Jie
  142. 陶淵明 桃花源 translation: The Peach Blossom Spring (prose), by Tao Yuanming
  143. 陶淵明 桃花源詩 translation: The Peach Blossom Spring (poem), by Tao Yuanming
  144. 陶淵明 飲酒 translation: Drinking Wine (Tao Yuanming)
  145. 陸游 將至京口 translation: Going to Jingkou, by Lu You
  146. 陸游 登賞心亭 translation: Ascending the Joy Pavilion, by Lu You
  147. 陸游 長歌行 translation: Long Ballad, by Lu You
  148. 陸遊 南鄭馬上作 translation: Written on Horseback in Nanzheng, by Lu You
  149. 陸遊 山南行 translation: Ballad of South of the Mountains, by Lu You
  150. 陸遊 岳池農家 translation: The Peasant Houses of Yuechi, by Lu You
  151. 陸遊 過野人家有感 translation: Feelings When Passing Countryside Homes, by Lu You
  152. 韓疁 高陽臺 translation: High Terrace, by Han Liu
  153. 驅車上東門 translation - I Ride My Chariot from the Upper East Gate