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234 李白 怨情 translation: Resentment, by Li Bai

This is a translation and annotation of the poem 怨情 (Yuàn Qíng), “Resentment”, by the Tang dynasty poet 李白 (Li Bai) translations”). The poem is #234 in the collection 300 Tang Poems, and is also known by its first line: 美人卷珠簾 (Měirén Juǎn Zhū Lián).

怨情 Yuàn Qíng [complain] [feeling] Resentment

美人卷珠簾, Měirén juǎn zhū lián, [beautiful] [person] [roll up] [pearl] [curtain] A beautiful woman folds a pearl curtain;

深坐蹙蛾眉: shēn zuò cù éméi: [deep] [bear] [frown] [beautiful woman][] a deep frown on a beautiful face: 蛾眉 is a metaphor for a beautiful woman.

但見淚痕濕, dàn jiàn lèihén shī, [but] [see] [tear] [trace] [wet] though one sees wet tear stains,

不知心恨誰? bùzhī xīn hèn shuí? [not] [know] [heart] [hate] [who] one does not know whom she laments in her heart.

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