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'陸游 歲晚喜東歸 translation: Joyful to Return Home at the End of the Year, by Lu You'

This is a translation and annotation of the poem 歲晚喜東歸 (Suì Wǎn Xǐ Dōng Guī) by the Chinese Song dynasty poet 陸游 (Lù Yóu).

As always, this is only my beginner’s attempt at an annotation. If you could improve it or have any suggestions, please share your thoughts in the comments at the end of the page.

Representation of the sand gull in 歲晚喜東歸

歲晚喜東歸, Suì wǎn xǐ dōng guī, [year] [late] [joy] [east] [return] Late in the year, one is joyful to return home;

掃盡市朝陳跡。 sǎo jǐn shì cháo chénjì. [sweep] [completely] [city] [dynasty] [display] [trace] one completely sweeps away all traces of the times.

揀得亂山環處, Jiǎn dé luàn shān huán chù, [pick] [get] [disorder] [mountain] [encircle] [position] One chooses a place surrounded by jumbled mountains,

釣一潭澄碧。 diào yī tán chéngbì. [to fish] [one] [pool] [clear] [jade] and fishes from a clear jade pool.

賣魚沽酒醉還醒, Mài yú gū jiǔ zuì hái xǐng, [sell] [fish] [buy] [wine] [drunk] [return] [wake up] One sells the fish, buys wine, gets drunk, is sober again;

心事付橫笛。 xīnshì fù héngdí. [heart] [matter] [hand over] [horizontal] [flute] matters of the heart are for the flute.

家在萬里雲外, Jiā zài wànlǐ yún wài, [family] [at] [ten thousand] [mile] [cloud] [outside] One's family are under the clouds of a ten thousand mile distance;

有沙鷗相識。 yǒu shā'ōu xiāngshí. [have] [sand] [gull] [each other] [know] sand gulls become acquainted.

Please share your suggestions in the comments at the end of the page.

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