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Cambridge Chinese Fourth Year Song and Tang Poetry List

This is a list of all the Song and Tang poetry that we’ve covered in class and supervisions in our fourth year of Chinese Studies at Cambridge 2012-2013. There are quite a few extras here that I’m not sure came up in class but I included them anyway to be on the safe side.

As usual, mistakes / additions etc. welcome in the comments.

唐宋 (Song and Tang poetry)

Tang Poetry

杜甫 (Du Fu)

  • [古柏行](/china/classical/du-fu-gubai-xing/ "杜甫 古柏行 translation: Ballad of the Old Cypress, by Du Fu")
  • [聞官軍收河南河北](/china/classical/du-fu-wen-guanjun/ "杜甫 聞官軍收河南河北 translation: Hearing the Military Has Taken Henan and Hebei, by Du Fu")
  • [登樓](/china/classical/du-fu-deng-lou/ "杜甫 登樓 translation: Ascending a Pavilion, by Du Fu")
  • [宿府](/china/classical/du-fu-su-fu/ "杜甫 宿府 translation: Staying at the Yamen, by Du Fu")
  • 李白 (Li Bai)

  • [夢遊天姥吟留別](/china/classical/li-bai-mengyou-tianmu/ "李白 夢遊天姥吟留別 translation: A Departing Song of Travelling to Tianmu in a Dream, by Li Bai")
  • [西嶽雲台歌送丹丘子](/china/classical/li-bai-xiyue-yuntai/ "李白 西嶽雲台歌送丹丘子 translation: A Song of Parting for Dan Qiuzi on Mt Hua’s Cloudy Peak, by Li Bai")
  • [贈從弟冽](/china/classical/li-bai-zeng-congdi-lie/ "李白 贈從弟冽 translation: Offered as a Present to My Nephew Lie, by Li Bai")
  • [當塗趙炎少府粉圖山水歌](/china/classical/li-bai-dang-tu-zhao-yan/ "李白 當塗趙炎少府粉圖山水歌 translation: Ode to a Scenic Painting by the Official Zhao Yan of Dangtu County, by Li Bai")
  • [蜀道難](/china/classical/li-bai-shudao-nan/ "李白 蜀道難 translation: The Difficulty of the Shu Road, by Li Bai")
  • [送友人入屬](/china/classical/li-bai-song-youren-ru-shu/ "李白 送友人入蜀 translation: Seeing a Friend Off to Shu, by Li Bai")
  • [烏夜啼](/china/classical/li-bai-wuye-ti/ "李白 烏夜啼 translation: Crows Caw at Night, by Li Bai")
  • [春思](/china/classical/li-bai-chun-si/ "李白 春思 translation: Spring Thoughts, by Li Bai")
  • [將進酒](/china/classical/li-bai-jiang-jin-jiu/ "李白 將進酒 translation: Bring in the Wine, by Li Bai")
  • [鳴皋歌送岑徵君](/china/classical/li-bai-ming-gao-ge/ "李白 鳴皋歌送岑徵君 translation: A Song of Mt Ming’gao to See Off Cen Zheng, by Li Bai")
  • 書情贈蔡舍人雄
  • [下涇縣陵陽溪至澀灘](/china/classical/li-bai-xia-jingxian/ "李白 下涇縣陵陽溪至澀灘 translation: Down Jing County’s Lingyang River to Rough Shore, by Li Bai")
  • [贈汪倫](/china/classical/li-bai-zeng-wang-lun/ "李白 贈汪倫 translation: Zeng Wanglun, by Li Bai")
  • [荊門浮舟望蜀江](/china/classical/li-bai-jingmen/ "李白 荊門浮舟望蜀江 translation: Floating on a Boat at Jingmen, Gazing at the Yangzi (Li Bai)")
  • [廬山謠寄盧侍御虛舟](/china/classical/li-bai-lushan-yao/ "李白 廬山謠寄盧侍御虛舟 translation: A Ballad of Mt. Lu for Imperial Servant Lu Xuzhou, by Li Bai")
  • [山中問答](/china/classical/li-bai-shanzhong-wenda/ "李白 山中問答 translation: Questions and Answers in the Mountains, by Li Bai")
  • 常建 (Chang Jian)

    • [古興](/china/classical/chang-jian-gu-xing/ "常建 古興 translation: Ancient Inspiration, by Chang Jian (漢上逢老翁)")
    • [題破山寺後禪院](/china/classical/chang-jian-tipo-shan-si/ "常建 題破山寺後禪院 translation: Writing of the Meditation Hall of Po Mountain Temple, by Chang Jian")

    高適 (Gao Shi)

    • 封丘作

    Song Poetry

    蘇軾 (Su Shi)

  • [雨中游天竺靈感觀音院](/china/classical/su-shi-yuzhong-you-tian/ "蘇軾 雨中游天竺靈感觀音院 translation: Traveling in the Rain to Linggan Guanyin Temple on Tianzhu Mountain, by Su Shi")
  • [六月二十七日望湖樓醉書(其一)](/china/classical/su-shi-zuishu-i/ "蘇軾 六月二十七日望湖樓醉書(其一) translation: Drunken Writings from 27th of the 6th at Wanghu Tower I, by Su Shi")
  • [六月二十七日望湖樓醉書(其二)](/china/classical/su-shi-zuishu-ii/ "蘇軾 六月二十七日望湖樓醉書(其二) translation: Drunken Writings from 27th of the 6th at Wanghu Tower II, by Su Shi")
  • [宿九仙山](/china/classical/su-shi-su-jiu-xian-shan/ "蘇軾 宿九仙山 translation: Lodging on Nine Immortals Mountain, by Su Shi")
  • [張子野年八十五尚聞買妾述古令作詩](/china/classical/su-shi-zhang-ziye/ "蘇軾 張子野年八十五尚聞買妾述古令作詩 translation: Still One Hears that Zhang Ziye at Eighty-Five Years Old Has Bought a Concubine; A Poem Requested by Shugu (Su Shi)")
  • [寓居定惠院之東雜花滿山有海棠一株土人不知貴也](/china/classical/su-shi-yuju-dinghuiyuan/ "蘇軾 寓居定惠院之東雜花滿山有海棠一株土人不知貴也 translation: …Dinghui Temple…, by Su Shi")
  • [贈狄崇班季子](/china/classical/su-shi-zeng-di-chongban/ "蘇軾 贈狄崇班季子 translation: Presented as a Gift to Di Chongban’s Youngest Son, by Su Shi")
  • [陌上花 一](/china/classical/su-shi-moshang-hua-ii/ "蘇軾 陌上花 一 translation: Flowers on the Paddy Field Path I, by Su Shi")
  • [陌上花 二](/china/classical/su-shi-moshang-hua-i/ "蘇軾 陌上花 二 translation: Flowers on the Paddy Field Path II, by Su Shi")
  • [陌上花 三](/china/classical/su-shi-moshang-hua-iii/ "蘇軾 陌上花 三 translation: Flowers on the Paddy Field Path III, by Su Shi")
  • [月夜與客飲酒杏花下](/china/classical/su-shi-yue-ye-yu-ke/ "蘇軾 月夜與客飲酒杏花下 translation: On a Moonlit Night Drinking Wine with a Guest Below the Apricot Blossoms, by Su Shi")
  • [臘日遊孤山訪惠勤惠思二僧](/china/classical/su-shi-la-ri-you-gu-shan/ "蘇軾 臘日遊孤山訪惠勤惠思二僧 translation: On the Winter Festival I Visited Lone Mountain and the Two Monks Hui Jin and Hui Si, by Su Shi")
  • [李思訓畫長江絕島圖](/china/classical/su-shi-li-sixun-hua/ "蘇軾 李思訓畫長江絕島圖 translation: Li Sixun Paints Cragged Islands on the Yangtze, by Su Shi")
  • [醉後草書歌詩戲作](/china/classical/lu-you-zui-hou-cao-shu/ "陸游 醉後草書歌詩戲作 translation: After Getting Drunk, Playfully Writing a Poem in Grass Script (Lu You)")
  • 梅堯臣 (Mei Yaochen)

  • [不知夢](/china/classical/mei-yaochen-bu-zhi-meng/ "梅堯臣 不知夢 translation: I Do Not Know If I Am Dreaming, by Mei Yaochen")
  • [來夢](/china/classical/mei-yaochen-laimeng/ "梅堯臣 來夢 translation: A Dream Comes, by Mei Yaochen")
  • [夢覺](/china/classical/mei-yaochen-mengjue/ "梅堯臣 夢覺 translation: Waking from a Dream, by Mei Yaochen")
  • [汝州](/china/classical/mei-yaochen-ruzhou/ "梅堯臣 汝州 translation: Ruzhou, by Mei Yaochen")
  • 元日
  • 楊萬里 (Yang Wanli)

  • [小泊新豐市](/china/classical/yang-wanli-xiaobo-xinfengshi/ "楊萬里 小泊新豐市 translation: A Small Mooring at Xinfeng City, by Yang Wanli")
  • [過揚子江 (其二)](/china/classical/yang-wanli-guo-yangzi-jiang-ii/ "楊萬里 過揚子江 (其二) translation: Crossing the Yangzi River II, by Yang Wanli")
  • [皂角林](/china/classical/yang-wanli-zaojue-lin/ "楊萬里 皂角林 translation: Honey Locust Forest, by Yang Wanli")
  • [舟過揚子橋遠望](/china/classical/yang-wanli-zhou-guo-yangzi-qiao/ "楊萬里 舟過揚子橋遠望 translation: Looking Afar from a Boat Passing a Bridge on the Yangzi, by Yang Wanli")
  • [積雨小霽](/china/classical/yang-wanli-ji-yu-xiao-ji/ "楊萬里 積雨小霽 translation: A Break in the Clouds After Extended Rain, by Yang Wanli")
  • [觀社](/china/classical/yang-wanli-guanshe/ "楊萬里 觀社 translation: Observing a Village Festival, by Yang Wanli")
  • [入浮梁界](/china/classical/yang-wanli-ru-fuliang-jie/ "楊萬里 入浮梁界 translation: Entering the Borders of Fuliang, by Yang Wanli")
  • [水中山花影](/china/classical/yang-wanli-shuizhong-shanhua/ "楊萬里 水中山花影 translation: Reflection of Mountain Flowers in Water, by Yang Wanli")
  • 陸遊 (Lu You)

  • [過野人家有感](/china/classical/yang-wanli-guo-yeren-jia/ "楊萬里 過野人家有感 translation: Feelings When Passing Countryside Homes, by Yang Wanli")
  • [岳池農家](/china/classical/lu-you-yuechi-nongjia/ "陸遊 岳池農家 translation: The Peasant Houses of Yuechi, by Lu You")
  • [山南行](/china/classical/lu-you-shannan-xing/ "陸遊 山南行 translation: Ballad of South of the Mountains, by Lu You")
  • [南鄭馬上作](/china/classical/lu-you-nanzheng-mashang-zuo/ "陸遊 南鄭馬上作 translation: Written on Horseback in Nanzheng, by Lu You")
  • [長歌行](/china/classical/lu-you-chang-gexing/ "陸游 長歌行 translation: Long Ballad, by Lu You")
  • [醉後草書歌詩戲作](/china/classical/lu-you-zui-hou-cao-shu/ "陸游 醉後草書歌詩戲作 translation: After Getting Drunk, Playfully Writing a Poem in Grass Script (Lu You)")
  • [歲晚喜東歸](/china/classical/lu-you-sui-wan-xi-dong-gui/ "陸游 歲晚喜東歸 translation: Joyful to Return Home at the End of the Year, by Lu You")

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