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235 杜甫 八陣圖 translation: Eight Front Strategy, by Du Fu

This is a translation and annotation of the poem 八陣圖 (Bā Zhèn Tú), “Eight Front Strategy”, by the Tang dynasty poet 杜甫 (Du Fu). The poem is #235 in the collection [300 Tang Poems](/china/classical/300-tang-poems/” rel="contents “唐詩三百首”), and is also known by its first line: 功蓋三分國 (Gōng Gě Sān Fēn Guó).

八陣圖 Bā Zhèn Tú [eight] [troop placement] [diagram] Eight Front Strategy

功蓋三分國, Gōng Gě sān fēn guó, [achievements] [Ge] [three] [divide] [kingdom] The achievements of Zhuge Liang are distinguished in the Three Kingdoms;

名成八陣圖。 míng chéng bā zhèn tú. [name] [success] [eight] [troop placement] [diagram] his fame for the success of his eight front strategy.

江流石不轉, Jiāng liú shí bù zhuǎn, [river] [flow] [stone] [not] [shift] The river flows, yet the stones are immovable,

遺恨失吞吳。 yíhèn shī tūn wú. [leave] [regret] [fail] [swallow] [Wu] forever regretting the failure to take over Wu.

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