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三國演義 董賊潛懷廢立圖 translation: "The Traitor Dong Zhuo Secretly Harbours a Deposition Plan", from Romance of the Three Kingdoms

This is a literal translation and annotation of the poem 《董賊潛懷廢立圖》(Dǒng Zéi Qiánhuái Fèilì Tú, “The Traitor Dong Zhuo Secretly Harbours a Deposition Plan”) from 三國演義 (Sānguó Yǎnyì, Romance of the Three Kingdoms).

董卓 (Dǒng Zhuó) was a warlord who is depicted in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and is described by this poem in Chapter 4. The poem is sung with modern pronunciation in the soundtrack to the 2019 game Total War: Three Kingdoms.

董賊潛懷廢立圖, Dǒng zéi qiánhuái fèilì tú, [Dong] [Traitor] [Secret] [Harbouring] [Abolish] [Stand Up] [Plan] The traitor Dong Zhuo secretly harbours a deposition plan; 潛懷 is a binome meaning “to secretly harbour [a thought]". 廢立 is a binome meaning “to overthrow” or “to depose”, literally “to abolish and stand up”.

漢家宗社委丘墟。 Hàn jiā zōngshè wěi qiū xū. [Han] [family] [ancestor] [altar] [abandoned] [mound] [ruins] 宗社 is a binome meaning “ancestral temple”. 丘墟 is a binome meaning “desolate place”. the Han ancestral temple abandoned as ruins.

滿朝臣宰皆囊括, Mǎn cháo chénzǎi jiē nángkuò, [full] [royal court] [minister] [official] [all] [include][] Of the whole royal court, ministers all included,

惟有丁公是丈夫。 Wéiyǒu Dīng Gōng shì zhàngfū. [only] [have] [Ding] [lord] [is] [man][] only Lord Ding is a man.

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