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冉冉孤生竹 translation - Frail Bamboo Growing Alone

This is a translation of the Chinese poem 冉冉孤生竹, the eighth poem in the Han dynasty collection 古詩十九 (Nineteen Old Poems).

冉冉孤生竹 rǎn rǎn gū shēng zhú [frail] [frail] [alone] [grow] [bamboo] Frail bamboo growing alone,

結根泰山阿 jié gēn tài shān ā [tie] [root] [Tai] [mountain] [_a_] tying its roots into the slopes of Mt. Tai.

與君為新婚 yǔ jūn wèi xīn hūn [to] [you] [be] [new] [marry] I am newly wed to you, sir;

兔絲附女蘿 tù sī fù nǚ luó [vine][] [attach] [moss][] a vine clinging to moss.

兔絲生有時 tù sī shēng yǒu shí [vine][] [grow] [has] [season] A vine grows in its season,

夫婦會有宜 fū fù huì yǒu yi [husband] [wife] [union] [has] [proper] and the union of marriage has its moment.

千里遠結婚 qiān lǐ yuǎn jié hūn [thousand] [_li_] [far] [tie] [marry] One thousand li is a long distance for marriage,

悠悠隔山陂 yōu yōu gé shān pō [long] [long] [separate] [mountain] [rugged] far away, separated by mountain slopes.

思君令人老 sī jūn lìng rén lǎo [think of] [you] [make] [person] [old] Thinking of you makes me grow old;

軒車來何遲 xuān chē lái hé chí [carriage] [chariot] [come] [how] [late] how slow is your carriage to arrive!

傷彼蕙蘭花 shāng bǐ huì lán huā [hurt] [those] [fragrant orchid][][] I am saddened by those fragrant orchids,

含英揚光輝 hán yīng yáng guāng huī [contain] [glory] [scatter] [ray] [bright] full of glory, scattering brilliant light.

過時而不采 guò shí ér bù cǎi [pass] [season] [yet] [not] [pick] If the season passes and they are not picked,

將隨秋草萎 jiāng suí qiū cǎo wēi [will] [follow] [autumn] [grass] [wither] they will wither with the autumn grasses.

君亮執高節 jūn liàng zhí gāo jié [you] [light] [grasp] [high] [moral integrity] If you truly hold such high moral standards,

賤妾亦何為 jiàn qiè yì hé wèi [lowly] [concubine] [likewise] [what] [do] what is your humble servant to do?

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