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李白 下涇縣陵陽溪至澀灘 translation: Down Jing County's Lingyang River to Rough Shore, by Li Bai'

This is a translation and annotation of the poem 《下泾县陵阳溪至涩滩》 by the Chinese poet 李白 (Lǐ Bái). Note that this translation is very much in beta until we’ve discussed it in class and I’ve made the appropriate edits here. Please do point out any issues in the comments at the end of the page.

下涇縣陵陽溪至澀灘 Xià Jīngxiàn Língyáng Xī Zhì Sè Tān [down] [Jing] [county] [Ling] [Yang] [creek] [to] [rough] [beach] Down Jing County's Lingyang River to Rough Shore

澀灘鳴嘈嘈, Sè tān míng cáo cáo, [rough] [beach] [oh] [noisy] [tumultuous] Oh Rough Shore, loud and dangerous,

兩山足猿猱。 liǎng shān zú yuán náo. [two] [mountain] [completely] [ape] [monkey] on both sides mountains full of monkeys.

白波若卷雪, Báibō ruò juǎn xuě, [white] [wave] [like] [roll] [snow] White waves like rolling snow;

側足不容舠。 cè zú bùróng dāo. [side] [completely] [not] [contain] [kayak] the gorge too narrow for even a kayak to pass.

漁子與舟人, Yú zi yǔ zhōu rén, [fisherman] [man] [and] [boat] [people] Yet the fishermen and boatmen

撐折萬張篙。 chēng zhé wàn zhāng gāo. [support] [turn] [ten thousand] [-] [punt pole] twist a myriad poles through the water.

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