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楊萬里 過瓜洲鎮 translation: Passing Through Guazhou Town, by Yang Wanli

This is a very rough annotation / translation of the poem 過瓜洲鎮 (Guò Guāzhōu Zhèn), ‘Passing Through Guazhou Town’, by the Song Dynasty Chinese poet 楊萬里 (Yáng Wànlǐ).

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過瓜洲鎮 Guò Guāzhōu Zhèn [pass] [Gua] [Zhou] [town[ Passing Through Guazhou Town

夜愁風浪不成眠, Yè chóu fēnglàng bù chéngmián, [night] [worry] [wind] [wind] [not] [achieve] [sleep] At night worrying about the wind and waves, one does not get to sleep;

曉渡清平卻宴然。 xiǎo dù qīngpíng què yàn rán. [morning] [cross] [clear] [calm] [peacefully][] [-ly] yet in the morning crossing the clear calm water it is peaceful. ([宴然](http://www.zdic.net/cd/ci/10/ZdicE5ZdicAEZdicB4131192.htm) means peaceful or calm.)

數棒金鉦到江步, Shù bàng jīn zhēng dào jiāng bù, [several] [stick] [gold] [gong] [arrive] [river] [step] With several strikes of the golden gong, we arrive at the pier; ([江步](http://www.zdic.net/cd/ci/10/ZdicE5ZdicAEZdicB4131192.htm) is a pier or ferry.)

一檣霜日上淮船。 yī qiáng shuāng rì shàng Huái chuán. [one] [mast] [frost] [day] [ascend] [Huai] [boat] with one mast under the frosty sun, we board a boat on the River Huai.

佛狸馬死無遺骨, Fúlí mǎ sǐ wúyí gǔ, [Fu] [Li] [horse] [dead] [not have] [left behind] [bone] At Fuli the horses died yet left behind no bones; ([佛狸](http://www.zdic.net/cd/ci/7/ZdicE4ZdicBDZdic9B71481.htm) is the ite of a battle. Thanks to DLJ for sending that in.)

阿亮台傾只野田。 āliàng tái qīng zhǐ yětián. [A] [Liang] [terrace] [overturn] [only] [wild] [field] Aliang terrace has been overturned, there are only wild fields.

南北休兵三十載, Nánběi xiū bīng sānshí zài, [south] [north] [rest] [soldier] [three] [ten] [year] The south and north have stopped their fighting for thirty years;

桑疇麥壟正連天。 sāng chóu mài lǒng zhèng liántiān. [mulberry] [arable land] [wheat] [row of crops] [rightly] [link] [sky] mulberry trees, farmland, wheat and rows of crops rightly stretch to the skies.

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