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Yuan Z 等待 translation: Waiting

This is one of the poems I’m translating for the bilingual poetry event United Verses. The event has readings of Chinese and English poetry, with translations into both languages.

This is my translation of the poem 等待 (‘Waiting’) by the poet ‘Yuan Z’. As the language of the original poem seems quite abrupt and simple, I decided to leave out any punctuation or capitalisation in the English translation, rather than trying to create sentence and phrase boundaries that the poet might not have intended.

autumn leaves

## 等待 等待死亡 等待太阳 等待灵魂 离开身体 等待一句话 一首诗 等待照片 找到阴影 等待秋天 树叶枯黄 盖满大地 饥饿 端上革命 花谢 花开 等待你 出现在我的葬礼
## Waiting waiting for death waiting for the sun waiting for a soul leaving a body waiting for one sentence one poem waiting for a photo one finds a shadow waiting for autumn and dried up yellow leaves covering the Earth hunger serving up revolution flowers wither; flowers bloom waiting for you to show up at my funeral

Comments on the translation are welcome, as always.