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246 白居易 問劉十九 translation: Inviting Liu Shijiu, by Bai Juyi

綠螘新醅酒 (Lǜ Yǐ Xīn Pēi Jiǔ)

This is a translation and annotation of the poem 問劉十九 (Wèn Liú Shíjiǔ), by the Tang dynasty poet 白居易 (Bai Juyi) translations”). The poem is #246 in the collection 300 Tang Poems, and is also known by its first line: 綠螘新醅酒 (Lǜ Yǐ Xīn Pēi Jiǔ).

問劉十九 Wèn Liú Shíjiǔ [invite] [Liu] [Shi] [Jiu] Inviting Liu Shijiu

綠螘新醅酒, Lǜ yǐ xīn pēi jiǔ, [green] [ant] [new] [unfiltered] [rice wine] Green foam on fresh, unfiltered rice wine,

紅泥小火爐。 hóng ní xiǎo huǒlú. [red] [clay] [small] [fire] [stove] on a little terracotta stove.

晚來天欲雪, Wǎn lái tiān yù xuě, [late] [come] [sky] [want] [snow] It's getting late, and looks like snow;

能飲一杯無。 néng yǐn yībēi wú. [possibly] [want] [drink] [one] [glass] [not have] might you like to drink a glass?

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綠螘 in the first line, literally ‘green ants’, refers to the foam that forms on top of fresh rice wine before it is filtered.

Source: 问刘十九·白居易 - 百度百科