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225 王維 竹里館 translation: Bamboo Grove Pavilion, by Wang Wei

獨坐幽篁里 (Dú Zuò Yōu Huáng Lǐ)

This is a translation and annotation of the poem 竹里館 (Zhú Lǐ Guǎn), “Bamboo Grove Pavilion”, by the Tang dynasty poet 王維 (Wang Wei) translations”). The poem is #225 in the collection 300 Tang Poems, and is also known by its first line: 獨坐幽篁里 (Dú Zuò Yōu Huáng Lǐ).

竹里館 Zhú Lǐ Guǎn [bamboo] [in] [pavilion] Bamboo Grove Pavilion

獨坐幽篁里, Dú zuò yōu huáng li, [alone] [sit] [remote] [bamboo grove] [in] Alone I sit in the remote bamboo grove;

彈琴復長嘯; tánqín fù chángxiào; [pluck] [lute] [then] [long] [sing] I pluck the lute then long I sing;

深林人不知, shēn lín rén bùzhī, [deep] [forest] [person] [not] [know] deep in the forest, no-one knows I exist

明月來相照。 míng yuè lái xiāng zhào. [bright] [moon] [come] [] [shine] but the bright moon, who comes shining.

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