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李白 送友人入蜀 translation: Seeing a Friend Off to Shu, by Li Bai

This is a translation and annotation of the poem 《送友人入蜀》 by the Chinese poet 李白 (Lǐ Bái). This poem is not to be confused with the similarly titled 送友人. Please point out any issues in the comments at the end of the page.

送友人入蜀 Sòng Yǒurén Rù Shǔ [see off] [friend] [person] [enter] [Shu] Seeing a Friend Off to Shu

見說蠶叢路, Jiàn shuō cán cóng lù, [hear] [speech] [Can] [Cong] [road] One hears of the Road of Can Cong, 蠶叢 was an ancient monarch of Shu.

崎嶇不易行。 qíqū bùyì xíng. [mountainous] [rugged] [not] [easy] [travel] rugged, mountainous, and not easy to travel.

山從人面起, Shān cóng rén miàn qǐ, [mountain] [from] [person] [face] [rise] The mountains rise up from in front of one's face,

雲傍馬頭生。 yún bàng mǎtóu shēng. [cloud] [depend on] [horse] [head] [produce] and clouds sit atop the outcrops which form them.

芳樹籠秦棧, Fāngshù lóng Qínzhàn, [fragrant] [tree] [cage] [Qin] [plank road] Blossoming trees enshroud the Qin plank road;

春流繞蜀城。 chūn liú rào Shǔ chéng. [spring] [flow] [coil] [Shu] [city] in Spring a river winds around the Shu capital.

升沈應已定, Shēng chén yīng yǐ dìng, [raise] [sink] [respond] [already] [set] The ups and downs of life are already decided; *[?]*

不必問君平。 bùbì wèn Jūn Píng. [not] [must] [ask] [Jun] [Ping] one does not need to consult Jun Ping. 君平 was a famous Daoist master who once gave divinations in Chengdu.