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013 王維 送別 translation: Parting, by Wang Wei

This is a translation and annotation of the poem 送別 (Sòng Bié) by the Tang dynasty poet 王維 (Wang Wei) translations and articles”). It is #13 in the 唐詩三百首 anthology (Three Hundred Tang Poems)”), and is also known by its first line: 山中相送罷 (Shān Zhōng Xiāng Sòng Ba).A Chinese mountain


sòng bié [see off] [separate] Parting

山中相送罷, shān zhōng xiāng sòng ba [mountain] [in] [each other] [see off] [finish] After seeing each other off in the mountains,

日暮掩柴扉。 rì mù yǎn chái fēi [day] [sunset] [close] [brushwood] [door] the sun sets and one closes the brushwood door.

春草明年綠, chūn cǎo míng nián lǜ [spring] [grass] [next] [year] [green] When the spring grasses are green next year,

王孫歸不歸。 wáng sūn guī bù guī [prince] [grandson] [return] [not] [return] will the nobleman return or not?

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