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王维 雜詩 translation: Unclassified Poem, by Wang Wei

This is a translation and annotation of the poem 雜詩 (Zá Shǐ) by the Tang dynasty poet 王維 (Wang Wei) translations and articles”). It is also known by its first line: 君自故鄉來 (Jūn Zì Gù Xiāng Lái).


zá shǐ [unclassified] [poem] Unclassified Poem

君自故鄉來, jūn zì gù xiāng lái [sir] [from] [old] [native village] [come] You come from my home village,

應知故鄉事。 yīng zhī gù xiāng shì [should] [know] [old] [native village] [event] and should know my home village’s affairs.

來日綺窗前, lái rì qǐ chuāng qián [arrive] [day] [silk work] [window] [in front] On the day you arrived, in front of the latticed window,

寒梅著花未? hán méi zhe huā wèi [winter] [plum] [bloom] [flower] [not yet] had the winter plum blossomed?

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