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001 張九齡 感遇四首之一 translation: Thoughts I of IV (Zhang Jiuling)

This is a translation and annotation of the poem 感遇四首之一 (Gǎnyù Sì Shǒu Zhī Yī), “Thoughts I of IV”, by the Tang dynasty poet 張九齡 (Zhang Jiuling) translations”). The poem is the first in the collection 300 Tang Poems, and is also known by its first line: 孤鴻海上來 (Gū Hónghǎi Shànglái).

Swans flying

感遇四首之一 Gǎnyù Sì Shǒu Zhī Yī [thought][] [four] [poem] ['s] [one] Thoughts I of IV

孤鴻海上來, Gū hóng hǎi shànglái [lone] [swan] [sea] [on] [come] A lone swan comes from the sea,

池潢不敢顧。 Chí huáng bù gǎn gù. [pond] [lake] [not] [dare] [consider] not deigning to consider ponds or lakes.

側見雙翠鳥, Cè jiàn shuāng cuì niǎo, [look] [side] [pair] [kingfisher][] Looking to the side, a pair of kingfishers,

巢在三珠樹。 Cháo zài sān zhūshù. [nest] [on] [three] [pearl] [tree] nesting on a three pearled tree.

矯矯珍木巔, Jiǎo jiǎo zhēn mù diān, [brave] [brave] [precious] [tree] [summit] Gallant at the summit of a precious tree,

得無金丸懼? Dé wú jīnwán jù? [get] [not have] [metal] [pellet] [fear] can they have no fear of slingshots?

美服患人指, Měi fú huàn rén zhǐ, [beautiful] [clothes] [suffer] [people] [point] Those dressed beautifully must endure people pointing;

高明逼神惡。 Gāo míng bī shén wù. [high] [wise] [force] [divine] [wrath] the high and mighty must face divine wrath. 今我游冥冥,

Jīn wǒ yóu míng míng, [now] [I] [travel] [deep] [deep] Now I travel far and wide -

弋者何所慕? Yì zhě hé suǒ mù? [shoot] [-er] [what] [place] [admire] what is there for hunters to admire?

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