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Yuan Z 皮囊 translation: Skin bags

This is one of the poems I’m translating for the bilingual poetry event United Verses. The event has readings of Chinese and English poetry, with translations into both languages.

This is my translation of the poem 皮囊 (‘Skin Bags’) by the poet ‘Yuan Z’.

## 皮囊 一个收集皮囊的人 两只没有纹路的手 合拢 伸向大海 他给我看 收集来的皮囊 没有名字 山里的花瓣
## Skin bags Someone who collects skin bags; two hands without wrinkles. Folding, and stretching to the sea. He shows me the skin bags he's collected; without a name, petals in the mountains.

Comments on the translation are welcome, as always.