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I started East Asia Student in the second year of my East Asian Studies degree at university, and it's sprawled and spread out ever since. The main idea was to create an 'East Asian Studies blog', but I had all sorts of ideas for what it could be, and worked with varying levels of enthusiasm to try and turn it into all of them at different points in time.

Articles on this site now include my notes from class, an array of translations of various original texts from East Asia, explanations of all sorts of things from grammar to software, commentary on current events, arguments and debates and various other bits and pieces. The only common thread tying it all together is that everything is related to East Asia in some way.

As the title of the site suggests, I'm a student and not an expert. I've graduated from university now, but I continue trying to learn and study things related to East Asia, particularly languages. As I go along, I try to write up and document what I'm learning here. This helps me keep track of my progress, and the things I write might turn out to be useful to someone else who's studying something similar. Despite that approach, a lot of people seem to think that I'm pretending to be an expert here, when that's really not my intention.

East Asia Student was the first website I ever set up, and despite it getting pretty messy, disorganised and eclectic, I've never given it up. I've since set up far more focused, neater websites with clearer goals (e.g. Chinese Grammar), but I'll carry on producing random content here on East Asia Student for the time being.

Nowadays I continue studying in my spare time, and work as a freelance software developer, as well as doing random side-projects such as selling 3D pop up cards and wall art prints. You can email me at mhg@eastasiastudent.net.