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013 王維 輞川閒居贈裴秀才迪 translation: Message to Scholar Pei Di from my Lodge at Wangchuan, by Wang Wei

This is a translation and annotation of the poem 輞川閒居贈裴秀才迪 (Wǎng Chuān Xián Jū Zèng Péi Xiùcái Dí), “Message to Scholar Pei Di from my Lodge at Wangchuan”, by the Tang dynasty poet 王維 (Wang Wei). The poem is #115 in the collection [300 Tang Poems](../china/cn-literary/lzh-translations/china/cn-literary/lzh-translations/4103/china/cn-literary/lzh-translations/4061/china/cn-literary/lzh-translations/3998/china/cn-literary/lzh-translations/tag/300-tang-poems/” rel="contents “唐詩三百首”), and is also known by its first line: 寒山轉蒼翠 (Hán Shān Zhuǎn Cāngcuì).


Wǎng Chuān Xián Jū Zèng Péi Xiùcái Dí [_Wang_] [_Chuan_] [leisure] [residence] [deliver] [_Pei_] [scholar][] [_Di_] Message to Scholar Pei Di from my Lodge at Wangchuan

寒山轉蒼翠, Hán shān zhuǎn cāngcuì, [cold] [mountain] [become] [blue-green] [blue-green]] The cold mountains have become blue-green,

秋水日潺湲。 Qiūshuǐ rì chányuán. [autumn] [water] [day] [trickle] [flow] and the autumn waters trickle and flow all day.

倚杖柴門外, Yǐ zhàng cháimén wài, [lean on] [cane] [firewood] [door] [outside] Leaning on a cane outside the wooden door,

臨風聽暮蟬。 Lín fēng tīng mù chán. [face] [wind] [listen] [evening] [cicada] one faces the wind and listens to the evening cicadas.

渡頭餘落日, Dù tóu yú luòrì, [ferry] [top] [surplus] [set] [sun] Over the ferry are the remains of the setting sun,

墟里上孤煙。 Xūlǐ shàng gū yān. [village][] [rise] [炊 - kitchen] [smoke] and over the village rises kitchen smoke.

復值接輿醉, Fù zhí jiē yú zuì, [again] [encounter] [receive] [carriage] [drunk] One remembers your arrival here, getting drunk,

狂歌五柳前。 Kuáng gē wǔ liǔ qián. [wild] [sing] [five] [willow] [in front] and singing wildly at Five Willows.

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