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行行重行行 Translation - Marching On and On

This is a translation of the poem 行行重行行 from 古詩十九首 (Nineteen Old Poems).

行行重行行 xíng xíng chóng xíng xíng [walk] [walk] [again] [walk] [walk] Marching on and on,

與君生別離 yǔ jūn shēng biélí [from] [you] [live] [separate] [leave] Living far away from you.

相去萬餘里 xiāng qù wàn yú lǐ [each other] [remove] [ten thousand] [excess] [mile] We stand more than a thousand miles apart,

各在天一涯 gè zài tiān yī yá [each] [at] [sky] [one] [horizon] Each of us at opposite ends of the sky.

道路阻且長 dào lù zǔ qiě zhǎng [way] [road] [obstructed] [and] [long] The way between us is long and obstructed,

會面安可知 huì miàn ān kě zhī [meet] [face] [secure] [can] [know] Who knows if we will see each other again?

胡馬依北風 hú mǎ yī běi fēng [barbarian] [horse] [depend] [north] [wind] The barbarian horses need the winds of the North,

越鳥巢南枝 yuè niǎo cháo nán zhī [_Yue_] [bird] [nest] [south] [branch] The birds of _Yue_ nest in the branches of the South.

相去日已遠 xiāng qù rì yǐ yuǎn [each other] [remove] [day] [already] [far] Every day we grow further apart,

衣帶日已緩 yī dài rì yǐ huǎn [clothes] [belt] [day] [already] [loose] Every day my clothes become looser.

浮雲蔽白日 fú yún bì bái rì [drift] [cloud] [conceal] [white] [sun] The drifting clouds obscure the sunlight,

遊子不顧反 yóu zǐ bù gù fǎn [wanderer][] [not] [consider] [go back] The wanderer does not consider going back.

思君令人老 sī jūn lìng rén lǎo [long for] [you] [make] [person] [old] Longing for you makes one grow old,

歲月忽已晚 suì yuè hū yǐ wǎn [year] [month] [suddenly] [already] [late] The months and years are suddenly far behind me.

棄捐勿復道 qì juān wù fù dào [reject] [abandon] [do not] [again] [speak] But let's not speak any more of this rejection;

努力加餐飯 nǔ lì jiā cān fàn [exert] [strength] [add] [food] [food] Please make sure you are eating well.

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