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今日良宴會 translation – Today we hold a splendid feast

This is a translation of the poem 今日良宴會 from 古詩十九首 (Nineteen Old Poems).

今日良宴會 jīn rì liáng yàn huì [today] [day] [excellent] [banquet] [gather] Today we hold a splendid feast,

歡樂難具陳 huān lè nán jù chén [joy] [happiness] [hard] [ability] [narrate] a joy that is inexpressible.

彈箏奮逸響 dàn zhēng fèn yì xiǎng [strum] [zither] [exert] [leisurely] [sound] Strum the zither and break out in free song,

新聲妙入神 xīn shēng miào rù shén [new] [sound] [wonderful] [enter] [spirit] the new sound is wonderful and enthralling.

令德唱高言 lìng dé chàng gāo yán [order] [goodness] [sing] [high] [words] Have the talented sing fine lyrics;

識曲聽其真 shi qū tīng qí zhēn [know] [song] [listen] [their] [truth] those who know music will understand their truth.

齊心同所願 qí xīn tóng suǒ yuàn [identical] [heart] [same] [that which is] [desire] With one heart we have the same desires,

含意俱未申 hán yì jù wèi shēn [meaning] [idea] [entirely] [not yet] [explain] although the thoughts we hold remain unvoiced.

人生寄一世 rén shēng jì yī shì [man] [life] [live] [one] [generation] A man’s life lasts but one generation,

奄忽若飆塵 yǎn hū ruò biāo chén [suddenly] [suddenly] [like] [whirlwind] [dust] Quickly swirling by like dust.

何不策高足 hé bù cè gāo zú [why] [not] [control] [high] [feet] Why not whip-up your highest horses,

先据要路津 xiān jù yào lù jīn [first] [seize] [important] [road] [ford] and be the first to seize the roads and fords?

無為守窮賤 wú wéi shǒu qióng jiàn [not have] [for] [keep] [poor] [lowly] There is nothing to gain in staying poor and worthless,

轗軻長若辛 kǎn kē cháng ruò xīn [rough life][] [long] [like] [tired] with a rough life, long feeling tired.

今日良宴會 from the Nineteen Old Poems (Han dynasty 207BCE – 220CE)

Series: Nineteen Old Poems

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