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Duolingo Fandom Japanese vocab CSV extractor bookmark

If you’re studying Japanese on Duolingo, you might find the Duolingo Japanese vocab lists on Fandom useful.

Here’s a little browser tool to make it easier to import the Japanese vocabulary on those Duolingo Fandom pages into Anki.

It’s a browser bookmark that you draw on to your browser bookmark toolbar, and then click when you’re on one of the Duolingo Fandom Japanese vocab pages, such as Japanese Skill:Intro 2.

Drag this bookmarkable button on to your browser bookmark toolbar:

Duolingo Fandom Japanese Vocab CSV

Then visit e.g. https://duolingo.fandom.com/wiki/Japanese_Skill:Intro_2

Click on the new button you just dragged to your browser bookmark toolbar.

A prompt to download a CSV of the Japanese vocabulary should pop up. You can select Anki as the program to open it with to import it directly into Anki:

The code for this is from NotesToSelf.Dev.

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