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  1. "As ... as possible" in Mandarin Chinese
  2. "For" in Chinese: for an amount of time
  3. 'Separated by'' in Mandarin Chinese: 隔着'
  4. 'xue'' is not the same sound as ''shui''!'
  5. 10 common Mandarin learner mistakes
  6. 10 popular misconceptions about Chinese
  7. 10 ways to learn Mandarin tones
  8. 173 Chinese economic terms (general economic vocabulary)
  9. 20 words for Chinese tone practice
  10. 24/7, dawn till dusk in Mandarin - 从早到晚
  11. 60 Chinese words for death
  12. 80 Chinese characters commonly used in phonetic transcriptions
  13. A Chinese joke about accidental bank robbers (more homophone puns)
  14. Albert's Chinese Super Dictionary idea
  15. Avoiding the passive voice in Mandarin
  16. Benny tackles Chinese
  17. Best Chinese dictionaries: The Top 5
  18. Carsick Cars '他们的一员'' lyrics translation: One of Them'
  19. Carsick Cars '可怜的人'' lyrics translation: Pitiful Person'
  20. Character shapes used in Chinese words
  21. Chinese character stroke order rules
  22. Chinese Grammar Wiki Anki decks
  23. Chinese opposites words
  24. Discussing cause and effect in Mandarin
  25. Example sentences + SRS is the best way to learn Chinese measure words
  26. Five words for 'improve' in Mandarin
  27. Forwards - backwards Chinese words
  28. Free Chinese to English translation
  29. FUSION乐园 123 translation (Chinese pop rock song)
  30. Get daily Chinese handwriting practice with Google Pinyin IME on Android
  31. Get Mandarin listening materials from YouTube
  32. Getting angry in Mandarin - 为 ... 对 ... 生气
  33. Graded comparisons in Mandarin Chinese
  34. Guest post: Learning Chinese is easy
  35. Gwoyeu Romatzyh - better than pinyin?
  36. HorseDragonFish, a Mandarin webcomic
  37. How I started studying Mandarin
  38. How to improve your Chinese listening in the early stages (reader question)
  39. How to type ü in pinyin input systems
  40. How to use 呢 (ne) in Mandarin
  41. How to write a New Year card in Chinese
  42. How to write a postal address in Chinese
  43. How to write P.S. in a Chinese letter
  44. How will the media handle Xi Jinping's name? Pronunciation problems and Xi Jinping puns
  45. Hutong School webinar: "What's in a Chinese name?"'
  46. Hutong School webinar: “Demystifying Mandarin”
  47. Input pinyin with tone marks in Ubuntu
  48. Interesting Mandarin - English coincidences
  49. Interview with Joel from 1on1 Mandarin
  50. Interviewed by Steven Daniels on Lingomi Blog
  51. Judging and assessing in Mandarin Chinese
  52. Known Chinese Words Test from zhtoolkit
  53. Learning Chinese grammar in Grade 1
  54. Learning facts and Chinese at the same time
  55. Learning Mandarin numbers – different units
  56. Learning Mandarin numbers – the zeros
  57. Lu Xun 'A Small Incident' translation, Pt. I
  58. Lu Xun 'Kong Yiji' translation Pt. I
  59. Lu Xun 'The Story of Hair' translation, Pt. I
  60. Lu Xun 'Tomorrow' translation, Pt. I
  61. Lu Xun Diary of a Madman translation, III
  62. Lu Xun Diary of a Madman translation, IV
  63. Lu Xun Diary of a Madman translation, IX
  64. Lu Xun Diary of a Madman translation, Pt II
  65. Lu Xun Diary of a Madman translation, Pt. I
  66. Lu Xun Diary of a Madman translation, V
  67. Lu Xun Diary of a Madman translation, VI
  68. Lu Xun Diary of a Madman translation, VII
  69. Lu Xun Diary of a Madman translation, VIII
  70. Lu Xun Diary of a Madman translation, X
  71. Mandarin adverbials TMP word order rule: time, manner, place
  72. Mandarin Chinese word order
  73. Mandarin numbers grammar summary
  74. Mandarin passive voice: grammar and usage
  75. Mandarin pinyin chart
  76. Mandarin question particles 吗, 呢, 吧
  77. Mandarin sentence structure: guidelines
  78. Mandarin suffixes and prefixes
  79. Mandarin tone change rules (tone sandhi)
  80. My favourite Chinese character: 戀
  81. My favourite Chinese learning tools
  82. Oral answers: 中国文化和英国文化有哪些不同?
  83. Oral answers: 中国给你留下什么印象?
  84. Oral answers: 你平时有什么爱好?
  85. Oral answers: 你觉得什么能让你幸福?
  86. Oral answers: 谁对你学中文有最大的影响?
  87. Oral answers: 谁是你的偶像?
  88. Pinyin phonetics table with audio
  89. Polyglot plugin for Mandarin
  90. Presenting an argument in Mandarin
  91. Radical repeating characters in Chinese
  92. Remembr.it Chinese Flashcards review
  93. Remembr.it mini-interview
  94. Review of Guo Xiaolu’s 'Twenty Fragments of a Ravenous Youth' (郭小橹 饕餮青春的二十个瞬间)
  95. SCIM Smart Pinyin disappearing (智能拼音)
  96. Simple comparisons in Mandarin Chinese
  97. Six 印象 structures and uses in Mandarin
  98. Some fun with Mandarin homophones
  99. Some things in English that behave like Chinese characters
  100. Speed up pinyin input: be incomplete!
  101. Taking A to be B in Mandarin: 以 A 为 B
  102. The 'word-character error' whilst learning Chinese
  103. The Chinese difficulty debate
  104. The Chinese Grammar Wiki
  105. The difference between Mandarin 吗 and 吧
  106. The difference between 还是 and 或者
  107. The Mandarin complement of result: detailed explanation
  108. The 是 ... 的 construction in Mandarin
  109. Tones in Mandarin Chinese
  110. Translating "and" into Mandarin Chinese
  111. Translating "who" / "that" into Chinese
  112. Unusual Mandarin syllables
  113. Use pinyin from Google Translate to practice writing Chinese characters
  114. Useful Mandarin conjunctions and phrases
  115. Useful new blog: 'Learn Mandarin with Peter'''
  116. What does Bradley Cooper say in Chinese at the end of Limitless? (2011)
  117. Why I deleted the pinyin field from my Mandarin Anki deck
  118. Why Wubi Chinese input is better than pinyin
  119. Wikipedia's huge list of Chinese TV dramas: great listening materials'
  120. You can still read Chinese with the hanzi jumbled up
  121. “For” in Chinese: for the nth time
  122. 《时间都去哪儿了》 lyrics translation: Where Has the Time Gone?
  123. 了 grammar: four kinds of 了 in Mandarin
  124. 坎坎 滴答 translation: Di Da, by Kan Kan (Chinese song in Lijiang)
  125. 坎坎 爱情啊 translation: Oh Love, by Kan Kan
  126. 宁愿 in Mandarin: rather than, prefer to
  127. 就 and 才 in Mandarin: as early as, not until
  128. 尽管 and 即使 in Mandarin: 'even though'' vs ''even if'''
  129. 崔健 一无所有: Nothing to My Name, by Cui Jian - a decent Chinese rock song
  130. 常常 vs 往往 in Mandarin Chinese
  131. 徐志摩 再別康橋 translation: Saying Goodbye to Cambridge Again, by Xu Zhimo
  132. 海子 七月的大海 translation: The July Sea, by Hai Zi
  133. 海子 面朝大海,春暖花开 translation: Facing the Sea, with Spring Blossom, by Hai Zi
  134. 王若琳 三个人的晚餐 translation: Dinner for Three, by Joanna Wang
  135. 的 地 得 grammar summary (DE particles)
  136. 美国想打谁就打谁 (America hits whoever it wants): versatile Chinese question words
  137. 还是 and 或者: exclusive and inclusive disjunction
  138. 闻捷 苹果树下 translation: Under the Apple Tree, by Wen Jie
  139. 随着 ... 而 in Mandarin: with, as
  140. 颠覆M - 蒙古精神 lyrics translation: The Spirit of Mongolia, by DianFu M