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"As ... as possible" in Mandarin Chinese

越 [adj] 越好It’s not immediately obvious how to say things like “as soon as possible” and “as fast as possible” in Mandarin, as there isn’t a direct translation.

The way to express it is actually to say “the more … the better”. Pragmatically this is the same, and the structure is easy to use:

[adj] 越好

This is the structure for “as … as possible” in Mandarin. You just say 越, an adjective and then 越好.

Some examples:

越*快*越好 Yuè kuài yuè hǎo As soon as possible

越*慢*越好 Yuè màn yuè hǎo As slowly as possible

越*贵*越好 Yuè guì yuè hǎo As expensive as possible

越*便宜*越好 Yuè piányi yuè hǎo As cheap as possible

越*多*越好 Yuè duō yuè hǎo As much as possible

This is a very general structure - pretty much any adjective you like can go in the slot. There _is _another structure that you can use with some specific adjectives, and it’s even simpler still!

The structure is:


And it’s as simple as that! Normally this is just used with the adjectives 早 and 快, and the meanings are pretty much the same:

尽早 Jǐnzǎo As soon as possible

尽快 Jǐnkuài As quickly as possible