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The Chinese Grammar Wiki

AllSet LearningThe world’s best resource for Chinese grammar is now available.

I’m very excited to announce the launch of:

[The Chinese Grammar Wiki](http://resources.allsetlearning.com/chinese/grammar/ "The Ultimate Chinese Grammar Resource")

This project has been a long, long time in the making. As the name suggests, it’s a resource for Chinese Grammar. It’s by far the best resource for Chinese grammar on the Internet, in fact.

The project has been led by John Pasden for his company AllSet Learning. In his own words:

I realized that there’s no single resource on the entire internet which does a good, comprehensive job of covering the grammar of Mandarin Chinese. There are some decent books, but the only decent online resources offer only fragmented help with grammar.

Creating a resource for an entire language’s grammar has been a massive undertaking, and so I’ve gotten a good start on it over the past year with the help of some excellent reference books and four especially hard-working interns. We’ve done it as a wiki not to open it up to anonymous edits, but to make it easier for interested parties to get involved, and because I think what Wikipedia is doing is very much the same thing that’s still needed for Chinese grammar (on a smaller, more niche scale).

The Grammar Wiki content belongs to AllSet Learning, but it's freely available to all through a Creative Commons license. I'm really hoping that learners all over the world will find it useful, and that some of them will even want to give back to the project by serving as an editor.
I worked on the Chinese Grammar Wiki eight hours a day, five days a week for six weeks in summer 2011 (total two hundred and forty hours). I was one of four interns who did similar amounts of work on the project. And that doesn't include the massive quantity of work John himself did.

A comprehensive Chinese grammar resource

All in all, it’s huge. It covers Chinese grammar in massive detail from a variety of angles. Some features:

  • You can look at Chinese grammar structures arranged comprehensively by level of difficulty.
  • All grammar points are shown with a standardised structure.
  • You can look at the grammar of all parts of speech in Chinese, with detailed explanations.
  • The whole thing has example sentences galore, checked by native speakers.
  • Dozens of Chinese textbooks plus ChinesePod’s lesson archive are indexed in the Chinese Grammar Wiki, so you can easily incorporate the Wiki’s content into your studies.

This is going to make a huge difference to people studying Chinese everywhere. It’s a fantastic free resource, and is a must-see, whatever your level of Chinese is.

Take a look: [Chinese grammar](http://resources.allsetlearning.com/chinese/grammar/Main_Page "Chinese Grammar Wiki")