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24/7, dawn till dusk in Mandarin - 从早到晚

A sunset over Beijing traffic从早到晚 is a really useful phrase in Mandarin. It means ‘from early until late’, and has a lot of handy applications and different usage patterns.


This structure is probably easier to use - the activity is just placed after this phrase.


医生从早到晚都在紧张地工作。 Yīshēng cóng zǎo dào wǎn dōu zài jǐnzhāngde gōngzuò. “Doctors work intensely around the clock.”

她从早到晚都在学习。 Tā cóng zǎo dào wǎn dōu zài xuéxí. “She studies 247.”

我从早到晚都想念你。 Wǒ cóng zǎo dào wǎn dōu xiǎng nián nǐ. “I miss you constantly.”

从早 [something] 到晚

This structure is slightly trickier. The activity is placed between 从早 and 到晚, and is usually a single character. This often works well with adjectives


你从早忙到晚。 Nǐ cóng zǎo máng dào wǎn. “You’re busy all day.”

我从早学到晚。 Wǒ cóng zǎo xuédào wǎn. “I’m constantly studying.”

我从早考到晚。 Wǒ cóng zǎo kǎo dào wǎn. “I have exams from dawn till dusk.”

他从早吃到晚。 Tā cóng zǎo chī dào wǎn. “He eats non-stop.”