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Oral answers: 谁是你的偶像?

口试答案These are a few ideas for answering questions like 谁是你的偶像 in Mandarin oral exams.





My idol

In reality, I don’t think I have an idol. In my view, everyone should find their own path, and not blindly follow others. However, that’s not to say that we shouldn’t learn from other people’s mistakes; it’s saying that your own experience comes first. As I see it, ‘fool me once’ is the best attitude.

The reason I don’t like having idols is because I think that usually famous people don’t make ideal idols. Quite a few famous people have a lot of unattractive habits, such as arrogance, taking drugs, wasting money and so on. So famous people usually make bad idols.

I think that people’s friends and family most often make ideal idols. Because the lifestyles of these people probably doesn’t differ greatly from yours, you can easily learn a lot from them.