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  22. HorseDragonFish, a Mandarin webcomic
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  34. Learning Mandarin numbers – the zeros
  35. Mandarin adverbials TMP word order rule: time, manner, place
  36. Mandarin Chinese word order
  37. Mandarin numbers grammar summary
  38. Mandarin passive voice: grammar and usage
  39. Mandarin pinyin chart
  40. Mandarin question particles 吗, 呢, 吧
  41. Mandarin sentence structure: guidelines
  42. Mandarin suffixes and prefixes
  43. Mandarin tone change rules (tone sandhi)
  44. My Chinese Studies Supervision Reports from 1st Year at Cambridge
  45. Oral answers: 中国文化和英国文化有哪些不同?
  46. Oral answers: 中国给你留下什么印象?
  47. Oral answers: 你平时有什么爱好?
  48. Oral answers: 你觉得什么能让你幸福?
  49. Oral answers: 谁对你学中文有最大的影响?
  50. Oral answers: 谁是你的偶像?
  51. Pinyin phonetics table with audio
  52. Polyglot plugin for Mandarin
  53. Presenting an argument in Mandarin
  54. Simple comparisons in Mandarin Chinese
  55. Six 印象 structures and uses in Mandarin
  56. Taking A to be B in Mandarin: 以 A 为 B
  57. The Chinese Grammar Wiki
  58. The difference between Mandarin 吗 and 吧
  59. The difference between 还是 and 或者
  60. The Mandarin complement of result: detailed explanation
  61. The 是 ... 的 construction in Mandarin
  62. Tones in Mandarin Chinese
  63. Translating "and" into Mandarin Chinese
  64. Translating "who" / "that" into Chinese
  65. Unusual Mandarin syllables
  66. Useful Mandarin conjunctions and phrases
  67. Useful new blog: 'Learn Mandarin with Peter'''
  68. What is a topic prominent language?
  69. “For” in Chinese: for the nth time
  70. 了 grammar: four kinds of 了 in Mandarin
  71. 宁愿 in Mandarin: rather than, prefer to
  72. 就 and 才 in Mandarin: as early as, not until
  73. 尽管 and 即使 in Mandarin: 'even though'' vs ''even if'''
  74. 常常 vs 往往 in Mandarin Chinese
  75. 海子 七月的大海 translation: The July Sea, by Hai Zi
  76. 海子 面朝大海,春暖花开 translation: Facing the Sea, with Spring Blossom, by Hai Zi
  77. 王若琳 三个人的晚餐 translation: Dinner for Three, by Joanna Wang
  78. 的 地 得 grammar summary (DE particles)
  79. 还是 and 或者: exclusive and inclusive disjunction
  80. 随着 ... 而 in Mandarin: with, as