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  1. 'Chinese Medicine in Early Communist China'' - thoughts on the conclusion'
  2. 'Lu Xun and Yu Dafu are both seen as important representative figures of the May Fourth New Literature movement. Why?'' (practice essay)'
  3. 'My undergraduate dissertation: Changing Trajectories of Wang Meng and Liu Binyan'
  4. 10 hanzi you thought you knew how to write correctly
  5. 19th and 20th century Chinese science fiction authors
  6. A Bitter Revolution (micro article)
  7. A draft abstract for my Wang Meng and Liu Binyan dissertation
  8. A sample of my Chinese handwriting (October 2012)
  9. Amazon China: the best source of Chinese ebooks ever?
  10. Back to the Wang Meng and Liu Binyan dissertation
  11. Baijiu Sports Cap Edition!
  12. Basic timeline of key events in the life of Liu Binyan (刘宾雁)
  13. China could develop sci-fi technologies
  14. China to abolish Chinese characters, replace with pinyin
  15. China's 5000 years of history
  16. China's weird desert structures
  17. Chinese Ngrams on Google Labs
  18. Chinese alphabet nonsense
  19. Chinese numerology explained by a skeptic
  20. Chinese time format for coding: %Y年%m月%e日 %A %I:%M %p
  21. Dr Kerry Brown on Chinese political personalities
  22. Encountering Chinese net censorship whilst researching my dissertation
  23. Exploding Qingdao apartment
  24. Fleshing out the structure for my dissertation (2013-02-02)
  25. Funny names found in the 2010 Chinese Census (homophones again)
  26. Get Dropbox working in China
  27. Google suggest: "Chinese people eating babies"
  28. How to get a Chinese name
  29. How to pronounce Li Keqiang (李克强) - China's next Premier
  30. How to type Chinese quotation marks on Mac OS (「」, 『』 and 《》 )
  31. Hutong School webinar: “Chinese for Dummies”
  32. Impromptu Shanghai jam at ROCK 0093
  33. Initial basic structure for my dissertation (刘宾雁 and 王蒙)
  34. Introduction and Summary Texts for Modern Chinese Literature
  35. Michael Gove's cultural revolution idiocy
  36. My favourite chengyu: 因人而異
  37. My internship at AllSet Learning
  38. Outgroup homogeneity in China
  39. Outrageously bad "Chinese Eugenics" article published on Edge.org
  40. Should you learn Mandarin in a place with a standard accent? Which Mandarin study programs are good in China?
  41. Similar hanzi list and Anki deck
  42. Staying in touch with someone in China
  43. Super Singles' Day: 光棍节 11-11-11'
  44. Surprising Chinese character simplifications
  45. TCM in the UK research questionnaire
  46. The "China winning the school race" headlines are misleading
  47. The 'Chinese eugenics' nonsense continues via VICE magazine
  48. The Great Learning (micro article)
  49. The best Android Chinese input method: Google Pinyin Input (谷歌拼音输入法)
  50. The problem with chinaSMACK
  51. The water pipe farce
  52. Thoughts on 'Last Train Home' (归途列车)
  53. Trip to Strong Ale Works in Qingdao
  54. Useful Chinese learning search functions
  55. Visit to ChinesePod
  56. Wang Meng Bibliography (王蒙创作年表)
  57. Web programming in China can really suck
  58. Webinar: “How to get a job in China?”
  59. What is the main Chinese language? What is Standard Chinese?
  60. What's different about Chinese netizens? - an infographic
  61. Why I refused to enter 汉语桥 (Chinese Bridge)
  62. Why did May Fourth writers favour realism? What are “the limits of realism”? (practice essay)
  63. Windows 7 Chinese input
  64. Yuan Z 他们 translation: They
  65. Yuan Z 皮囊 translation: Skin bags
  66. Yuan Z 等待 translation: Waiting
  67. 兰州拉面万岁! Long Live Lanzhou Lamian!
  68. 刘宾雁 在桥梁工地上 translation: At the Bridge Construction Site, Pt 1 (Liu Binyan)
  69. 刘宾雁 在桥梁工地上 translation: At the Bridge Construction Site, Pt 2 (Liu Binyan)
  70. 刘宾雁 在桥梁工地上 translation: At the Bridge Construction Site, Pt 3 (Liu Binyan)
  71. 刘宾雁 在桥梁工地上 translation: At the Bridge Construction Site, Pt 4 (Liu Binyan)
  72. 刘宾雁 在桥梁工地上 translation: At the Bridge Construction Site, Pt 5 (Liu Binyan)
  73. 外国人 = 白人? Does 'foreigner' mean 'white' in China?
  74. 王蒙 哦, 穆罕默德 · 阿麦德 一 translation: Ah, Mohamed Ahmed, Pt 1
  75. 王蒙 哦, 穆罕默德 · 阿麦德 三 translation: Ah, Mohamed Ahmed, Pt 3 (Wang Meng)
  76. 王蒙 哦, 穆罕默德 · 阿麦德 二 translation: Ah, Mohamed Ahmed, Pt 2 (Wang Meng)
  77. 王蒙 哦, 穆罕默德 · 阿麦德 四 translation: Ah, Mohamed Ahmed, Pt 4 (Wang Meng)