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Basic timeline of key events in the life of Liu Binyan (刘宾雁)

I’m making a basic timeline of key events in the life of 刘宾雁 (Liu Binyan), who is one of two authors I’m looking at in my undergraduate dissertation. I’m putting it here primarily to make a quick reference for myself, but it might be handy for other people as well.

Currently this timeline is very basic with no criteria for the inclusion of different events. I’m hoping to create a more structured approach, with sections and reasoning behind them, once I’ve done more research and can begin to identify trends.

I will of course be adding to this timeline as my research goes on. His age at the time of each event is in brackets with the date.

  • 07-02-1925: born in Jilin province
  • ??-??-1932 (07): witnesses abandoned army caps of fleeing Chinese troops
  • ??-??-1940 (15): living with sister in Beijing reading Marxist theory
  • ??-??-1943 (18): joins underground activities of Communist Party
  • ??-??-1944 (19): fully joins Communist Party
  • ??-??-1951 (26): transferred to Beijing, works as reporter and editor at 中国青年报
  • ??-??-1956 (31): publishes 《在桥梁工地上》 and 《本报内部消息》
  • ??-??-1957 (32): labeled a rightist and expelled from Communist Party
  • ??-??-1961 (36): returns to 中国青年报 to work as researcher and translator
  • ??-??-1966 (41): ‘rehabilitated’ - no longer considered a rightist
  • ??-??-1966 (41): re-charged as a rightist
  • ??-??-1969 (44): expelled again and sent to laogai detention camp
  • ??-??-1978 (53): readmitted to Communist Party
  • ??-??-1979 (54): ‘rehabilitated’ again
  • ??-??-1979 (54):  publishes 《人妖之间》
  • 09-11-1079 (54): gives ‘Listen Carefully to the Voice of the People’ speech
  • ??-??-1985 (60): elected vice-chairman of the Chinese Writers Association
  • ??-??-1985 (60): publishes 《第二种忠诚》
  • ??-??-1987 (62): expelled from Communist Party
  • ??-??-1988 (63): goes to USA to teach and continue writing
  • ??-09-1993 (68): publishes Civilization Grafting: No Culture Is an Island
  • 05-12-2005 (80): dies of cancer

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