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Trip to Strong Ale Works in Qingdao

Just got back from a very enjoyable afternoon at Strong Ale Works in Qingdao. Steven Daniels and I went to sample a few of their beers, and sat outside under blue Qingdao skies.

[caption id=“attachment_7290” align=“aligncenter”]Steven and the beers[/caption]

Both their English and Chinese name contain puns. The English seems to be suggesting a cure for your troubles, whilst their Chinese name is 强麦, sounds the same as 强卖 - “to sell forcefully”.

[caption id=“attachment_7292” align=“aligncenter”]Outside Strong Ale Works[/caption]

I also like their 天天强麦,天天向上 motto - “Strong Ale every day, Improve every day”, referencing Mao’s famous 好好学习,天天向上 - “Study well, improve daily” (commonly mangled into “Good good study, day day up”).

[caption id=“attachment_7293” align=“aligncenter”]天天强麦,天天向上[/caption]

Strong Ale Works is on 大学路 in Qingdao, and is well worth a visit for tasting (if they’re open!). Also, I owe you a pint, Steven!