East Asia Student

Random Stuff Related to East Asia


  1. '王維 送元二使安西 translation: Seeing Off Yuan Er on His Mission to Anxi, by Wang Wei'
  2. '王維 酬虞部蘇員外過藍田別業不見留之作 translation: Composed in Reply to Secretary Su of the Board of Concern, Who Passed By Lantian Residence But Did Not Stay, by Wang Wei'
  3. 013 王維 輞川閒居贈裴秀才迪 translation: Message to Scholar Pei Di from my Lodge at Wangchuan, by Wang Wei
  4. 013 王維 送別 translation: Parting, by Wang Wei
  5. 016 王維 渭川田家 translation: Farm Houses by Wei River (Wang Wei)
  6. 017 王維 西施詠 translation: Ode to Xi Shi
  7. 116 王維 山居秋暝 translation: Mountain Life on an Autumn Evening, by Wang Wei
  8. 119 王維 酬張少府 translation: Answering Minister Zhang, by Wang Wei
  9. 120 王維 過香積寺 translation: Passing the Temple of Stored Fragrance, by Wang Wei
  10. 224 王維 鹿柴 translation: The Deer Enclosure, by Wang Wei
  11. 225 王維 竹里館 translation: Bamboo Grove Pavilion, by Wang Wei
  12. 王維 欒家瀨 translation: Luan Family Rapids, by Wang Wei (輞川集)
  13. 王維 欹湖 translation: Yi Lake, by Wang Wei (輞川集)
  14. 王維 相思 translation: Yearning, by Wang Wei
  15. 王維 苦熱行 translation: Ballad of Suffering from the Heat, by Wang Wei
  16. 王維 辛夷塢 translation: Magnolia Wall, by Wang Wei (輞川集)
  17. 王維 青溪 translation: Green Creek, by Wang Wei
  18. 王维 雜詩 translation: Unclassified Poem, by Wang Wei