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  1. Soushenji 270 translation: Dong Fang Shuo Pours Wine to Dissolve Trouble
  2. Soushenji 381 translation: The Coffin Floating in the Liao River
  3. Soushenji 387 translation: Death in Childbirth, a Dot on the Face
  4. Soushenji 389 translation: A Ghost Plays the Pipa
  5. Soushenji 457 translation: Tomb of the Faithful Dog
  6. Soushenji No. 1 translation: Shennong Threshes the Hundred Grasses
  7. Soushenji No. 104 translation: Hairy Tortoises and Horned Hares
  8. Soushenji No. 134 translation: Rats Nesting in Trees
  9. Soushenji No. 144 translation: The Queen Mother of the West Sends Writings
  10. Soushenji No. 150 translation: Raining Meat in Beidi
  11. Soushenji No. 157 translation: Trees neither Crooked nor Straight
  12. Soushenji No. 183 translation: Taikang's Two Dragons'
  13. Soushenji No. 283 translation: Guo Ju Buries his Son and Obtains Gold
  14. Soushenji No. 310 translation: The Ye Bird of Yue
  15. Soushenji No. 351 translation: Chang'e Flies to the Moon'
  16. Soushenji No. 355 translation: Mother Huang Becomes a Sea Turtle
  17. Soushenji No. 395 translation: The Escort Commandant (搜神記三九五)
  18. Soushenji No. 69 translation: Hua Tuo Cures a Boil
  19. Vocabulary list and Anki deck for 搜神記