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Vocabulary list and Anki deck for 搜神記


Another vocab list made mainly with zhtoolkit wordlist, this one is for selected items from 搜神記 (Soushenji - ‘Records of the Strange’).

The list contains traditional Chinese, pinyin with tone-marks and English definitions, and has 606 items. You can download it as a plain CSV file or as a ready-made Anki deck, or study it on Skritter:

*_(To use the Anki deck, start Anki, go to File, Open and select the deck. You’ll need Anki 1.2.8 or higher to use the deck.)_*

It’s quite a compact list, and certainly doesn’t cover everything in 搜神記. The same caveats as for the Fushengliuji list apply to this one, briefly:

  • It was generated automatically via software, so could contain errors.
  • A modern Mandarin list was used to identify words, so the list contains modern binomes that didn’t exist when the Soushenji was written (if you find these, please point them out in the comments below).
  • The list is arranged in reverse order of frequency (least common items first), but as it’s so huge you might want to study in random order to dot around in the text and pick up vocabulary that way.

Using this list ought to be quite good for your classical Chinese reading in general. As always, please point out any mistakes in the comments to make this a better resource.

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