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  1. What is the main Chinese language? What is Standard Chinese?
  2. 冉冉孤生竹 translation - Frail Bamboo Growing Alone
  3. 凜凜歲云暮 translation - Bitterly Cold, the Year Ends
  4. 去者日以疏 translation - The Departed Are More Distant Daily
  5. 孟冬寒氣至 translation - In the First Month of Winter, Cold Air Arrives
  6. 客從遠方來 translation - A Guest Comes from Afar
  7. 庭中有奇樹 translation - In the Courtyard there is a Strange Tree
  8. 明月何皎皎 translation: Why is the Bright Moon So Clear?
  9. 明月皎夜光 translation - The Clear Moon Shines Brightly by Night
  10. 東城高且長 translation - The Eastern Wall is High and Long
  11. 涉江采芙蓉 translation - Crossing the River to Pick Hibiscus
  12. 生年不滿百 translation - The Years of Life Reach Not One Hundred
  13. 迢迢牽牛星 translation - So Remote, the Draught Ox Star
  14. 迴車駕言邁 translation - I turn the carriage, pull the reins and set off
  15. 驅車上東門 translation - I Ride My Chariot from the Upper East Gate