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  1. '李白 夢遊天姥吟留別 translation: A Departing Song of Travelling to Tianmu in a Dream, by Li Bai'
  2. '李白 宮中行樂詞 一 translation: Lyrics for Wandering in the Palace I, by Li Bai (小小生金屋)'
  3. '李白 當塗趙炎少府粉圖山水歌 translation: Ode to a Scenic Painting by the Official Zhao Yan of Dangtu County, by Li Bai'
  4. 007 李白 春思 translation: Spring Thoughts, by Li Bai
  5. 012 李白 清平調三首其一 translation: Song of Purity and Peace, 1 of 3, by Li Bai
  6. 053 李白 廬山謠寄盧侍御虛舟 translation: A Ballad of Mt. Lu for Imperial Servant Lu Xuzhou, by Li Bai
  7. 085 李白 將進酒 translation: Bring in the Wine, by Li Bai
  8. 102 李白 送友人 translation: Seeing Off a Friend, by Li Bai
  9. 163 李白 司馬將軍歌 translation: Sima General Song, by Li Bai
  10. 234 李白 怨情 translation: Resentment, by Li Bai
  11. Cambridge Chinese Fourth Year Song and Tang Poetry List
  12. 李白 下涇縣陵陽溪至澀灘 translation: Down Jing County's Lingyang River to Rough Shore, by Li Bai'
  13. 李白 勞勞亭 translation: Pavilion of Misery, by Li Bai
  14. 李白 古風 桃花開東園 translation: Antiquity: Peach Blossom Blooming in the East Garden, by Li Bai
  15. 李白 山中問答 translation: Questions and Answers in the Mountains, by Li Bai
  16. 李白 早發白帝城 translation: Setting Off Early from Baidi City, by Li Bai (下江陵)
  17. 李白 烏夜啼 translation: Crows Caw at Night, by Li Bai
  18. 李白 荊門浮舟望蜀江 translation: Floating on a Boat at Jingmen, Gazing at the Yangzi (Li Bai)
  19. 李白 蜀道難 translation: The Difficulty of the Shu Road, by Li Bai
  20. 李白 西嶽雲台歌送丹丘子 translation: A Song of Parting for Dan Qiuzi on Mt Hua's Cloudy Peak, by Li Bai'
  21. 李白 贈從弟冽 translation: Offered as a Present to My Nephew Lie, by Li Bai
  22. 李白 贈汪倫 translation: Zeng Wanglun, by Li Bai
  23. 李白 送友人入蜀 translation: Seeing a Friend Off to Shu, by Li Bai
  24. 李白 遠別離 translation: Distant Parting, by Li Bai
  25. 李白 長干行 translation: Ballad of Changgan, by Li Bai
  26. 李白 鳴皋歌送岑徵君 translation: A Song of Mt Ming'gao to See Off Cen Zheng, by Li Bai