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  1. 'Lu Xun and Yu Dafu are both seen as important representative figures of the May Fourth New Literature movement. Why?'' (practice essay)'
  2. A look at our final year exams in Chinese Studies at Cambridge
  3. Easter Term 2010 exam results (AMES)
  4. Easter Term 2011 exam results (AMES)
  5. Fourth year final exam results, Easter 2013 (AMES)
  6. Oral answers: 中国文化和英国文化有哪些不同?
  7. Oral answers: 中国给你留下什么印象?
  8. Oral answers: 你平时有什么爱好?
  9. Oral answers: 你觉得什么能让你幸福?
  10. Oral answers: 谁对你学中文有最大的影响?
  11. Oral answers: 谁是你的偶像?
  12. Why did May Fourth writers favour realism? What are “the limits of realism”? (practice essay)