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Easter Term 2011 exam results (AMES)

I’m putting up my grades for the second year of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Part 1B - exams in Easter Term 2011).

I just scraped a first! One mark lower and it would’ve been a 2:i:

AET1    Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Tripos, Part IB     Class I    70 / 100

Module breakdown:

C4: Modern Chinese translation and writing 2 68 (2:i)

C5: Modern Chinese texts 2 73 (first)

C6: Literary Chinese 2 69 (2:i)

C8: Globalization in China, 1850 to the present (Submitted essay) 69 (2:i)

CO: Chinese oral 71 (first)

X3: Structures and meanings (LNT1 Paper 2) 70 (first)

So I was pretty lucky to get away with quite a few 2:i’s in that mix and get a first overall. Next objective is to get a first in my final year!