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Fourth year final exam results, Easter 2013 (AMES)

I now have my final exam results for my undergraduate degree! As in first and second year, I just scraped a first without any room to spare:

Overall grade:  Class I    70/100

Another close call!

My breakdown was:

  • Modern Chinese Translation and Writing: 73
  • Modern Chinese Texts: 74
  • Literary Chinese: 65
  • Advanced Chinese Texts: 70
  • Modern Chinese Literature: 70
  • Chinese Oral: 70
  • Dissertation: 66

I had guessed that my dissertation would be one of the lower ones, but I actually thought Literary Chinese had been one of the better exams and was expecting some of the modern translation papers to be lower. Anyway, I’m not complaining as turned out alright in the end.

A note, for what it’s worth: I don’t put my grades and things online to show off. I try to share as much of my studies as possible because I think studying would be a lot better for everyone if we all shared our experiences online. Then we could learn from each other’s mistakes, identify common questions and problems etc.

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