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8th Century

  1. '柳宗元 秋曉行南谷經荒村 translation: On an Autumn Morning, Travelling on a Southern Valley Path to a Deserted Village, by Liu Zongyuan'
  2. '王維 送元二使安西 translation: Seeing Off Yuan Er on His Mission to Anxi, by Wang Wei'
  3. '王維 酬虞部蘇員外過藍田別業不見留之作 translation: Composed in Reply to Secretary Su of the Board of Concern, Who Passed By Lantian Residence But Did Not Stay, by Wang Wei'
  4. 007 李白 春思 translation: Spring Thoughts, by Li Bai
  5. 053 李白 廬山謠寄盧侍御虛舟 translation: A Ballad of Mt. Lu for Imperial Servant Lu Xuzhou, by Li Bai
  6. 085 李白 將進酒 translation: Bring in the Wine, by Li Bai
  7. 102 李白 送友人 translation: Seeing Off a Friend, by Li Bai
  8. 128 孟浩然 過故人莊 translation: Visiting a Friend's Farmhouse, by Meng Haoran
  9. 233 李白 靜夜思 translation: Quiet Night Thoughts, by Li Bai
  10. 236 王之渙 登鸛雀樓 translation: Climbing White Stork Tower, by Wang Zhihuan
  11. 267 王翰 涼州詞 translation: Liangzhou Verse, by Wang Han
  12. 273 張繼 楓橋夜泊 translation: Maple Bridge Night Mooring, by Zhang Ji
  13. 李白 下涇縣陵陽溪至澀灘 translation: Down Jing County's Lingyang River to Rough Shore, by Li Bai'
  14. 李白 山中問答 translation: Questions and Answers in the Mountains, by Li Bai
  15. 李白 烏夜啼 translation: Crows Caw at Night, by Li Bai
  16. 李白 荊門浮舟望蜀江 translation: Floating on a Boat at Jingmen, Gazing at the Yangzi (Li Bai)
  17. 李白 蜀道難 translation: The Difficulty of the Shu Road, by Li Bai
  18. 李白 贈汪倫 translation: Zeng Wanglun, by Li Bai
  19. 李白 送友人入蜀 translation: Seeing a Friend Off to Shu, by Li Bai
  20. 李白 鳴皋歌送岑徵君 translation: A Song of Mt Ming'gao to See Off Cen Zheng, by Li Bai
  21. 柳宗元 江雪 translation: River Snow, by Liu Zongyuan (Jiang Xue)
  22. 王維 欒家瀨 translation: Luan Family Rapids, by Wang Wei (輞川集)
  23. 王維 欹湖 translation: Yi Lake, by Wang Wei (輞川集)
  24. 王維 相思 translation: Yearning, by Wang Wei
  25. 王維 苦熱行 translation: Ballad of Suffering from the Heat, by Wang Wei
  26. 王維 辛夷塢 translation: Magnolia Wall, by Wang Wei (輞川集)