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Random Stuff Related to East Asia


  1. '楊萬里 水中山花影 translation: Reflection of Mountain Flowers in Water, by Yang Wanli'
  2. '楊萬里 積雨小霽 translation: A Break in the Clouds After Extended Rain, by Yang Wanli'
  3. '楊萬里 舟過揚子橋遠望 translation: Looking Afar from a Boat Passing a Bridge on the Yangzi, by Yang Wanli'
  4. 楊萬里 入浮梁界 translation: Entering the Borders of Fuliang, by Yang Wanli
  5. 楊萬里 小泊新豐市 translation: A Small Mooring at Xinfeng City, by Yang Wanli
  6. 楊萬里 皂角林 translation: Honey Locust Forest, by Yang Wanli
  7. 楊萬里 觀社 translation: Observing a Village Festival, by Yang Wanli
  8. 楊萬里 過揚子江 (其二) translation: Crossing the Yangzi River II, by Yang Wanli
  9. 楊萬里 過瓜洲鎮 translation: Passing Through Guazhou Town, by Yang Wanli
  10. 陸遊 過野人家有感 translation: Feelings When Passing Countryside Homes, by Lu You