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  1. 10 hanzi you thought you knew how to write correctly
  2. 80 Chinese characters commonly used in phonetic transcriptions
  3. A "Chinese" puzzle sent to me by a reader: 冊月水三 了口臼尺 山月了 七口...
  4. A in hiragana: あ
  5. Book review: Tuttle Reading and Writing Chinese
  6. Character shapes used in Chinese words
  7. Chinese character stroke order rules
  8. Discussing cause and effect in Mandarin
  9. Forwards - backwards Chinese words
  10. Get daily Chinese handwriting practice with Google Pinyin IME on Android
  11. Hangul and jamo practice in Anki
  12. Hanzi and kanji: differences in the Chinese and Japanese character sets today
  13. HE in hiragana: へ
  14. HI in hiragana: ひ
  15. Hiragana and katakana practice in Anki
  16. How to get Skritter functionality for free
  17. How to tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese and Korean
  18. How to write a New Year card in Chinese
  19. How to write a postal address in Chinese
  20. How to write P.S. in a Chinese letter
  21. I in hiragana: い
  22. Japan in Japanese: Nihon · にほん · 日本
  23. KA in hiragana: か
  24. KE in hiragana: け
  25. KI in hiragana: き
  26. KO in hiragana: こ
  27. KU in hiragana: く
  28. ME in hiragana: め
  29. My favourite Chinese character: 戀
  30. N in hiragana: ん
  31. NA in hiragana: な
  32. NI in hiragana: に
  33. NO in hiragana: の
  34. NU in hiragana: ぬ
  35. O in hiragana: お
  36. Radical repeating characters in Chinese
  37. RE in hiragana: れ
  38. RI in hiragana: り
  39. RO in hiragana: ろ
  40. RU in hiragana: る
  41. SA in hiragana: さ
  42. SE in hiragana: せ
  43. SHI in hiragana: し
  44. Similar hanzi list and Anki deck
  45. SO in hiragana: そ
  46. Some things in English that behave like Chinese characters
  47. Some tricks to reduce word count in academic writing
  48. Surprising Chinese character simplifications
  49. TA in hiragana: た
  50. TE in hiragana: て
  51. The 'word-character error' whilst learning Chinese
  52. TSU in hiragana: つ
  53. Use pinyin from Google Translate to practice writing Chinese characters
  54. Useful Mandarin conjunctions and phrases
  55. WA in hiragana: わ
  56. Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch review (CTH-460)
  57. YO in hiragana: よ
  58. You can still read Chinese with the hanzi jumbled up
  59. YU in hiragana: ゆ