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  1. 'Hanzi and kanji: differences in the Chinese and Japanese character sets today'
  2. 10 hanzi you thought you knew how to write correctly
  3. 80 Chinese characters commonly used in phonetic transcriptions
  4. A "Chinese" puzzle sent to me by a reader: 冊月水三 了口臼尺 山月了 七口...
  5. A in hiragana: あ
  6. Book review: Tuttle Reading and Writing Chinese
  7. Character shapes used in Chinese words
  8. Chinese character stroke order rules
  9. Discussing cause and effect in Mandarin
  10. Forwards - backwards Chinese words
  11. Get daily Chinese handwriting practice with Google Pinyin IME on Android
  12. HE in hiragana: へ
  13. HI in hiragana: ひ
  14. Hangul and jamo practice in Anki
  15. Hiragana and katakana practice in Anki
  16. How to get Skritter functionality for free
  17. How to tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese and Korean
  18. How to write P.S. in a Chinese letter
  19. How to write a New Year card in Chinese
  20. How to write a postal address in Chinese
  21. I in hiragana: い
  22. Japan in Japanese: Nihon · にほん · 日本
  23. KA in hiragana: か
  24. KE in hiragana: け
  25. KI in hiragana: き
  26. KO in hiragana: こ
  27. KU in hiragana: く
  28. ME in hiragana: め
  29. My favourite Chinese character: 戀
  30. N in hiragana: ん
  31. NA in hiragana: な
  32. NI in hiragana: に
  33. NO in hiragana: の
  34. NU in hiragana: ぬ
  35. O in hiragana: お
  36. RE in hiragana: れ
  37. RI in hiragana: り
  38. RO in hiragana: ろ
  39. RU in hiragana: る
  40. Radical repeating characters in Chinese
  41. SA in hiragana: さ
  42. SE in hiragana: せ
  43. SHI in hiragana: し
  44. SO in hiragana: そ
  45. Similar hanzi list and Anki deck
  46. Some things in English that behave like Chinese characters
  47. Some tricks to reduce word count in academic writing
  48. Surprising Chinese character simplifications
  49. TA in hiragana: た
  50. TE in hiragana: て
  51. TSU in hiragana: つ
  52. The 'word-character error' whilst learning Chinese
  53. Use pinyin from Google Translate to practice writing Chinese characters
  54. Useful Mandarin conjunctions and phrases
  55. WA in hiragana: わ
  56. Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch review (CTH-460)
  57. YO in hiragana: よ
  58. YU in hiragana: ゆ
  59. You can still read Chinese with the hanzi jumbled up