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A in hiragana: あ

The syllable ‘a’ in hiragana is written あ.

あ ‘a’ hiragana stroke order

あ has three strokes:

  • A horizontal left to right stroke.
  • A vertical stroke that cuts through the first one.
  • A looping stroke that starts cutting to the left through stroke #2, back up through it to the right, and then loops back around to the left again.


あ ‘a’ hiragana mnemonic

See also: Making mnemonics

This image should help you to remember how to write ‘a’ in hiragana by associating the letter a with the shape of あ. Remember that the English words used here are not a pronunciation guide. They help you to remember how to write あ, not how to say it.

To learn pronunciation you need to get a lot of listening and speaking practice done. Online services like JapanesePod 101 can help with that.

あ is an arch. あ

あ ‘a’ hiragana origins

あ is derived from the kanji 安 (an) . This is pronounced ān in Mandarin Chinese (hanzi) and an in Korean (hanja).