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O in hiragana: お

The syllable ‘o’ in hiragana is written お.

お ’o’ hiragana stroke order

お has three strokes:

  • A short horizontal stroke, left to right.
  • A long stroke that starts vertically down, through the first stroke. It then loops up and round to meet itself at the base.
  • The final stroke is a short stroke, angled down from left to right.


お ’o’ hiragana mnemonics

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These images should help you to remember how to write ‘o’ in hiragana by associating the letter o with the shape of お. Remember that the English words used here are not a pronunciation guide. They help you to remember how to write お, not how to say it.

To learn pronunciation you need to get a lot of listening and speaking practice done. Online services like JapanesePod 101 can help with that.

お is an *o*melette being made.

お is a game of golf.

お is an olive in a cocktail.

If you have any other mnemonics for お, please share them in the comments below.