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  1. 'Lu Xun and Yu Dafu are both seen as important representative figures of the May Fourth New Literature movement. Why?'' (practice essay)'
  2. 'My undergraduate dissertation: Changing Trajectories of Wang Meng and Liu Binyan'
  3. 19th and 20th century Chinese science fiction authors
  4. A draft abstract for my Wang Meng and Liu Binyan dissertation
  5. A look at our final year exams in Chinese Studies at Cambridge
  6. A sample of my Chinese handwriting (October 2012)
  7. Back to the Wang Meng and Liu Binyan dissertation
  8. Cambridge Chinese Fourth Year Song and Tang Poetry List
  9. East Asian Studies (Chinese) at Cambridge: First Year
  10. Easter Term 2010 exam results (AMES)
  11. Easter Term 2011 exam results (AMES)
  12. Fleshing out the structure for my dissertation (2013-02-02)
  13. Fourth year final exam results, Easter 2013 (AMES)
  14. How I started studying Mandarin
  15. Initial basic structure for my dissertation (刘宾雁 and 王蒙)
  16. Introduction and Summary Texts for Modern Chinese Literature
  17. My Chinese Studies Supervision Reports from 1st Year at Cambridge
  18. Questions about studying an East Asian language at university
  19. Why did May Fourth writers favour realism? What are “the limits of realism”? (practice essay)
  20. Why I decided to study Chinese
  21. Writing an undergraduate dissertation on Chinese science fiction
  22. 徐志摩 再別康橋 translation: Saying Goodbye to Cambridge Again, by Xu Zhimo