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The Skritter iOS app is out... Please make an Android one!

The Skritter iOS app is now out! I’ll just repost the info from their page, looks good:

It looks pretty awesome, anyway. If I used Apple stuff I’d definitely be right on this. But I’m actually not a fan of Apple at all. Generally I think their stuff is over-priced, and that what Apple is really good at is marketing rather than making technology. It is nicely designed, well-made stuff but it shouldn’t cost two to three times as much as any other brand. It’s not that good.

Please make a native Android Skritter app!

I’m going to take this opportunity to urge the guys at Skritter to release a native Android app as soon as possible. A lot of us Android users feel a little cheated that because Android is open and supports Flash, we’ve been left with a sub-standard Skritter experience. Running Skritter in an Android browser is OK, but it’s not a patch on how convenient and effective a native app would be.

At the same time, because Apple are restrictive and monopolising, and haven’t offered Flash support on their devices, their users get a native Skritter app. It shouldn’t work like that.

Having said that I do understand the motivation to get support on Apple, as it opens up a huge new market for Skritter that simply didn’t exist before. That’s fine, but please get working on a native app for your loyal Android customers!