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  1. 10 ways to learn Mandarin tones
  2. 20 words for Chinese tone practice
  3. Discussing cause and effect in Mandarin
  4. Learning Mandarin numbers – different units
  5. Mandarin pinyin chart
  6. Mandarin tone change rules (tone sandhi)
  7. Oral answers: 中国文化和英国文化有哪些不同?
  8. Oral answers: 中国给你留下什么印象?
  9. Oral answers: 你平时有什么爱好?
  10. Oral answers: 你觉得什么能让你幸福?
  11. Oral answers: 谁对你学中文有最大的影响?
  12. Oral answers: 谁是你的偶像?
  13. Presenting an argument in Mandarin
  14. Skype for speaking practice
  15. The difference between Mandarin 吗 and 吧
  16. Useful Mandarin conjunctions and phrases