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Random Stuff Related to East Asia


  1. Amazon China: the best source of Chinese ebooks ever?
  2. Calibre is an open-source ebook program with awesome potential for language learning
  3. Convenient mark-up for CJK languages in Wordpress (HTML + CSS)
  4. Fixing the "sqlalchemy.exceptions / cjklib" error in Pinyin Toolkit for Anki
  5. Get daily Chinese handwriting practice with Google Pinyin IME on Android
  6. GNOME Timer Applet for effective study sessions
  7. How to get Tibetan to display in Ankidroid (Anki for Android)
  8. How to type Chinese quotation marks on Mac OS (「」, 『』 and 《》 )
  9. Install East Asian languages support on Windows XP without the CD
  10. My favourite Chinese learning tools
  11. Open source is good for language learners
  12. Putting Wordpress into Chinese, Japanese or Korean
  13. Remembr.it Chinese Flashcards review
  14. Remembr.it mini-interview
  15. SCIM vs IBus (Linux Chinese, Japanese, Korean input method options)
  16. Thanks to Kensio Software for the Wordpress and Web development of EAS
  17. The Skritter iOS app is out... Please make an Android one!
  18. Use pinyin from Google Translate to practice writing Chinese characters
  19. Use Zotero for essays and dissertations
  20. Useful Chinese learning search functions
  21. Vocabify 0.2, now on Google Code
  22. Vocabify 0.2.3
  23. Vocabulary notify flashcards 0.1
  24. Web programming in China can really suck
  25. Windows 7 Chinese input

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