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12th Century

  1. '楊萬里 水中山花影 translation: Reflection of Mountain Flowers in Water, by Yang Wanli'
  2. '楊萬里 積雨小霽 translation: A Break in the Clouds After Extended Rain, by Yang Wanli'
  3. '陆游 六月十四日宿東林寺 translation: Staying at Donglin Monastery on June 14th, by Lu You'
  4. '陸游 歲晚喜東歸 translation: Joyful to Return Home at the End of the Year, by Lu You'
  5. 楊萬里 入浮梁界 translation: Entering the Borders of Fuliang, by Yang Wanli
  6. 楊萬里 觀社 translation: Observing a Village Festival, by Yang Wanli
  7. 陸游 將至京口 translation: Going to Jingkou, by Lu You
  8. 陸游 登賞心亭 translation: Ascending the Joy Pavilion, by Lu You
  9. 陸游 長歌行 translation: Long Ballad, by Lu You