East Asia Student

Random Stuff Related to East Asia


  1. 007 李白 春思 translation: Spring Thoughts, by Li Bai
  2. 023 綦毋潛 春泛若耶溪 translation: Spring Drifting on Ruoye Creek, by Qiwu Qian
  3. 068 韓愈 謁衡嶽廟遂宿嶽寺題門樓 translation: An Inscription on the Gatehouse after Paying Respects at the Mt Heng Shrine and Lodging at the Mountain Temple, by Hán Yù
  4. 128 孟浩然 過故人莊 translation: Visiting a Friend's Farmhouse, by Meng Haoran
  5. 232 孟浩然 春曉 translation: Spring Dawn, by Meng Haoran
  6. 235 杜甫 八陣圖 translation: Eight Front Strategy, by Du Fu
  7. 271 杜甫 江南逢李龜年 translation: Encountering Li Guinian in Jiangnan, by Du Fu
  8. 303 李商隱 嫦娥 translation: Chang'e, by Li Shangyin
  9. 李白 古風 桃花開東園 translation: Antiquity: Peach Blossom Blooming in the East Garden, by Li Bai
  10. 李白 早發白帝城 translation: Setting Off Early from Baidi City, by Li Bai (下江陵)
  11. 李白 烏夜啼 translation: Crows Caw at Night, by Li Bai
  12. 李白 荊門浮舟望蜀江 translation: Floating on a Boat at Jingmen, Gazing at the Yangzi (Li Bai)
  13. 白居易 自問 (黑花滿眼絲滿頭) translation: Self Questioning, by Bai Juyi
  14. 章碣 焚書坑 translation: The Book Burning Pit, By Zhang Jie